Dr. Job J. Andreoli

Assistant Professor
Job Andreoli
  • Business Angels
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Fintech funding
  • Crowdfunding
  • Venture Capital
  • Corporate venturing
Create engagement in the art & science of venture funding, to contribute to international collaboration & an entrepreneurial mindset.

Dr. Job J. Andreoli is assistant professor of finance and leads the Nyenrode Incubator in Amsterdam. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax.

His research examines how funding sources may strengthen one another, with a focus on early-stage funding and in particular venture capital. He is currently in the process of setting up a venture capital research institute at Nyenrode Business University as well as an early-stage development program and -investment fund, in association with the Dutch Startup Association and 10X.

Andreoli teaches courses on finance, private equity, strategy and business planning, and is known to actively pursuing how practice and academia (or ‘art and science’) benefit each other. He is also vice-chair of the Exam Committee and co-developed the Nyenrode strategy 2020-2024 as faculty representative. In addition to Nyenrode, Job serves on the advisory board of a venture capital firm and takes part in the research team of an online venture valuator.

Prior to joining Nyenrode, Job gained extensive business experience. He worked as a strategy consultant for Ernst & Young (EY) and Capgemini and was responsible for setting up the Strategy & Innovation practice of Atos Consulting in

The Netherlands. He has also been involved in a number of start-ups and working with small and medium-sized companies that tend towards financial distress. 

Andreoli holds a Master of Science in Strategic Management from the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University and an MSc degree in Education from VU University, Amsterdam. In addition, he studied at the Asian Institute of Management (the Philippines) and obtained the Certified in Financial Management (CFM) accreditation from the Institute of Management Accountants (US).

International activities

In 2018, Job Andreoli and Luisa Alemany (Esade, now LBS) published the textbook Entrepreneurial Finance: the Art and Science of Growing Ventures, with early endorsement from Cambridge University Press and partnership with The Financial Times. The book includes contributions from leading European universities (e.g. Bocconi, IMD, INSEAD, St. Gallen) and institutions (e.g. EIF, Startup Europe) and won the award for most promising new textbook in 2021 from the Textbook and Academic Author Association (TAA). Its Chinese edition (in Chinese, as co-publication with Oriental Publishing Center) is currently being printed and the Latam edition (in Spanish) being investigated.


In his spare time, Andreoli enjoys various sports, including field hockey, tennis, golf, boxing and (telemark) skiing.

Most relevant publications

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