Joost van Buuren is an Associate Professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit and teaches Auditing Theory and Auditing Research. He works on several research projects with colleagues from Nyenrode, from Mannheim University in Germany, and from Northeastern University in Boston (Massachusetts, USA). Amongst other responsibilities, he is supervisor of master theses. His research interests include the further exploration of the audit partner effect, the determinants of audit partner leverage, the dynamics of audit methodology and audit quality in general.
In June 2009, Joost defended his doctoral thesis “On the nature of auditing: The Audit Partner Effect. Research on the effect of individual Audit Partners on Audit Quality and the Information Dynamics of Accounting Data.” This thesis provides empirical evidence that the nature of auditing is principally ‘dynamic and organic’ and that the level of audit quality delivered is primarily dictated by ‘humaneness’: human capabilities and human behavior.
Joost studied Accountancy at the Windesheim University of Professional Education in Zwolle. In 1997 he joined Ernst & Young as an auditor. He was involved in the auditing of international financial services firms, (inter-) national trading companies, and municipalities.
In 2002, Joost won the Nyenrode Award 2002 for his essay based on the MSc thesis “The lingua franca of the management information function”. In 2003, Joost enrolled as a chartered accountant with the Royal NIVRA. Although he enjoyed working for Ernst & Young, Joost decided to become an academic at Nyenrode Business Universiteit in 2004.
Secondary positions
In addition to his work at Nyenrode, Joost van Buuren is also the founder of Audit Gaming and LUDUS Serious Gaming Infrastructures B.V. (LUDUS SGI).


July 11 2017