Prof. dr. Lidewey van der Sluis

Lidewey van der Sluis
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Talent Management
  • Talent Investment
  • Workplace Learning
  • Talent Economics
As faculty members at a leading business school, we are producers and distributors of relevant knowledge. We can change the world of work at the interface between science and society. This is what makes our work meaningful.

Prof. dr. Lidewey E.C. van der Sluis is professor of Strategic Talent Management and Organizational Leadership at Nyenrode Business University. She is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Strategy, Organization & Leadership.

She brings a fresh and economic view to traditional HR topics and social and pyschological dymensions of organizations and labour relations. Bringing to bear her knowledge and experience of economics (EconDrs, University of Amsterdam), management (PhD, Erasmus University Rotterdam and London Business School) and leadership (VU University Amsterdam), she scrutinizes the interface between work relationships, business economics, and talent management.

Van der Sluis would like to inspire as a scholar and knowledge partner bridging theory and practice with business and sector leaders. She is business wise and knows how to transfer academic knowledge into instrumental models and practical tools for HR-practitioners, talent managers and organizational leaders.

As a speaker, thinker and advisor, she shares her insight into and vision on themes such as talent management, strategic management, labor market trends, organizational design, professional leadership, sustainable and inclusive HR practices, employee engagement and motivation, and the acquisition, retention and maintenance of labor power in all her diversity. The future of work is central to her thinking and message.

Secundary positions

  • Van der Sluis works internationally as a keynote speaker and advisor on talent management, organizational design, leadership, and strategic human resource management. Some of her key clients are Achmea, Van Lanschot Bankiers, Leiden University Medical Center, Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken and Koninklijke Marine.
  • She is a member of supervisory boards of educational institutions and participates in the CDA, a Christian-democratic political party in the Netherlands, on national and local level.

International activities

Van der Sluis has an international profile with a chair as extraordinary professor at the North-West University in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa and being a visiting professor at various business schools in Europe, Africa and Scandinavia.

Anchored in the academic world with strong connections with the business world, van der Sluis is the founder of the International Powerhouse Competing for Talent, a sponsor network linked to her chair at Nyenrode. She is practice leader and core teacher of the Talent Management and Organizational Leadership Module in the Fulltime MBA program of Nyenrode Business University.


In her spare time, van der Sluis can be found for her running and relaxation in the dunes and at the beach of her biotope Bloemendaal, where she lives with her husband and teenage children.

Most recent publications

  • Lidewey van der Sluis has more than 200 publications to her name, including several management books such as Talent is good, Ambition is better (2019), The Selection Process (2017) and Traces of Talent (2014).
  • Sluis, E.C. (Lidewey) van der, (2018). Activate Talent: Capture the full potential towards common goals, Journal of Contemporary Research in Management, vol. 13 (1), p. 1-10.
  • Sluis, E.C. (Lidewey) van der (2018). World class organizations know how to optimize the talent value chain. Journal of Economic and Social Development, Vol. 5 (2), p. 22-29.
  • Sluis, E.C. (Lidewey) van der. (2018). MD-professional: Kritische gatekeeper van bruisende holocratische organisaties. MD - Tijdschrift voor talent- en managementontwikkeling, nr. 2, p. 4-7.
  • Schutte, N., Barkhuizen, N., & Sluis, (Lidewey) E.C. van der (2016). The development of a human resource management (HRM) professional competence model: A pilot study, Journal of Psychology in Africa, Vol. 26 (3), p. 230-236.
  • Sluis, E.C. (Lidewey) van der (2016). Hoe word je een bekende Nederlander? Talent, mentaliteit en context. MD. Tijdschrift voor talent- en managementontwikkeling, nr. 2, p. 16-19