Marlies de Vries is specialized in Auditing, Accounting and Control. Marlies is responsible (as chairman) for one of the pillar stones in the degree program for Auditors and Controllers i.e. "bestuurlijke informatieverzorging" / accounting and information systems. Herin her main interest is in how organizations balance their controls between formal ('hard') and informal ('soft') controls within today's complexities such as globalization, new organizational forms, the rise of integrated reporting, etcetera. This academic and practical interest is also incorporated in her teaching within the Nyenrode Executive Programs such as the Behavioral and Cultural Governance Program and several masterclasses.

She has researched several matters related to young (accounting) professionals. In May 2018 she issued together with the NBA Young Professionals a widely recognized research on how young professionals experience working in accounting. This research led to many ongoing debates in the profession as well as in Dutch and some international media.

Marlies her main topics include: Socialization Processes and Sociological Controls (PhD thesis in progress), Organizational Culture, Corporate Governance, and postmodernism. Via her knowledge and background in Internal Control she actively contributes to the discussion on Corporate Governance. 
She has broad experience as a public auditor. From 1997–2011 she joined PricewaterhouseCoopers (most recent job role was senior manager), with experience in both the profit sector (listed and unlisted companies) and non-profit sector (education and charity). In 2004 she worked on an assignment of the Worldbank concerning the Afghanistan Reconstruction Fund, located in Kabul (Afghanistan) and the Netherlands. From 2006-2008 she was a project manager for a member of the Board of Directors of PricewaterhouseCoopers Auditors.

You can read Marlies her latest research in Dutch here:
Rapport NBU - NBA YP - Opvattingen over het accountantsberoep