Prof. mr. dr. Jeroen Bijl

Jeroen Bijl
  • Indirecte Belastingen
  • Tax Law
Only when you can explain something properly do you really understand it. 

Prof. mr. dr. Jeroen Bijl is Professor of Indirect Taxes as well as Course Coordinator Indirect Taxes within the Master Tax Law and Master Fiscal Economics programs at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax. He gets excited about interacting with colleagues and students because together you can come to the most wonderful new insights. His goal is to make difficult subject matters accessible and to improve regulations.

Bijl studied Tax Law at the University of Groningen. He did his PhD research at the Tilburg University (2019). The title of his dissertation is "The EU VAT Treatment of Vouchers in the Context of Promotional Activities.”

Bijl has been a tax consultant for over 20 years. He specializes in sales tax, focusing on Consumer Products & Retail and international trade. His current employer is EY, but before that he worked for several other "Big 4" firms. He is also a Deputy Justice at the Tax Division of the Court of The Hague.

He has been teaching sales tax since 2009. Jeroen lectured at the International Tax Center in Leiden and was a University Lecturer at Leiden University. He still acts as a regular guest lecturer for the EFS course at Erasmus University and the Dutch Association of Tax Advisers.


Besides spending time with his wife and three daughters, Bijl enjoys cycling and swimming.

Most relevant publications

  • Bijl, J.B.O. (2020, oktober), VAT Deduction: The Relevance of Being ‘The Recipient’ of a Supply and the Use of the Supply, ECTAXREV 2020/290503
  • Bijl, J.B.O. (2021, augustus), Alternatieven voor een laag btw-tarief op groenten en fruit (of: btw als psychologisch steuntje in de rug), Opinie in NTFR 2021/2711
  • Bijl, J.B.O. (2021, juli), E-commerce and EU VAT: Theory and Practice, 2021/KLI-KTAX- Barr (ed.)
  • Bijl, J.B.O. (2021, augustus), "Virtues and Fallacies of VAT: An Evaluation after 50 Years - Chapter 11: Vouchers and VAT", 2021/KLI van Brederode (ed.)