Remko Renes is Assistant Professor at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. He is a member of both the Center of Auditing & Assurance and the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute. Remko is responsible for the Nyenrode Compliance Monitor (Nyenrode NalevingsMonitor).
  • Recent and current research projects are:
    • Corporate Governance in the Netherlands. Compliance Monitoring by Dutch listed companies to the Dutch Corporate Governance Code for the year 2013 & 2014. Sponsoring organization: Monitoring Commissie Corporate Governance (2014 & 2015)
    • Second National Risk Management Research Investigation in the Netherlands (2014)
    • Strategy & Corporate Governance of large stock listed companies in the Netherlands (2010 – present)
    • Yearly research into compliance to and revision of the “Code Goed Bestuur” by large public semi-government agencies (e.g. ZBO’s) on behalf of the Handvestgroep Publiek Verantwoorden (HPV) (Nyenrode ComplianceMonitor 2012 – present)
    • Shareholder engagement in the Netherlands; Institutional investors and their relationship with Dutch stock listed companies. Sponsoring organization: Monitoring Commissie Corporate Governance (2010)
    • Implementation Banking Code. Sponsoring organization: Monitoring Commissie Code Banken (2010)

    From 1990 until 2009 Remko worked for a Big Four audit firm in the areas of Transportation & Distribution, Management Assurance Services, Non Financial & Advisory Services and Internal Audit. Within the Department of Professional Practice he was responsible for corporate governance, internal control audit (Sarbanes Oxley) and the development and teaching of international training in these fields.

    While being member of the Corporate Governance advisory counsel of the Royal NIVRA (NBA), Remko was responsible as chairman for the development of the Dutch Evaluation Tool Internal Control Systems (ETICS, in Dutch ABIB: Analyse- en Beoordelingsinstrument Interne Beheersing, 1997).

    Remko received his Masters (1990, Economics), Post Master Accountancy (1994) and Propedeuse (1990, Sociology) from Erasmus University Rotterdam.
    Secondary positions

    In addition to his activities at Nyenrode, Remko is founder & owner of Regera BV, active in training and research in governance. He conducts a research project through Regera Development of Risk Management Approach for SMEs on behalf of Nemacc. Remko is the Founder of ‘Instituut voor Onafhankelijk Toezicht’, Associate Consultant GRC at RGP, and Official Field Hockey Referee appointed by the Royal Dutch Hockey Association.
    Since his graduation, Remko has been connected to the Erasmus University Rotterdam, first as parttime teacher Internal Control, currently as an examiner/expert.