Prof. dr. Tineke Lambooy LL.M.

Tineke Lambooy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Globalization
Prof. dr. Tineke Lambooy LL.M. is Professor of Corporate Law at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Tineke conducts multidisciplinary research projects aimed at the implementation of sustainability goals by private companies (Corporate Social Responsibility). Her areas of interest include social entrepreneurship and the available legal forms, as well as the interaction between business, society and ecosystem services (natural capital).
Tinekes interests are in capital markets and biodiversity; business and biodiversity; legality of timber; recycling of timber; best corporate practices on water use; corporate governance models; integrated reporting; enhancing and measuring non-financial corporate achievements; multi-stakeholder processes; partnerships for sustainable development; dispute resolution regarding CSR conflicts between stakeholders and social entrepreneurship.

Research projects are mostly conducted through collaborative action research together with private actors (companies and institutional investors), NGOs and public policy makers; the goal is to improve the performance of one company or sector in respect of biodiversity and ecosystems impact (negative or positive impact). Furthermore, the research aims to enhance multi-stakeholder processes in search of putting CSR values into practice and to provide policy advice to the public sector on CSR.

Tineke obtained a PhD in 2010 on “Corporate Social Responsibility - Legal and semi-legal frameworks supporting CSR”.  

Secondary activities

At Utrecht University Tineke lectures on CSR, Corporate Law, and Mergers & Acquisitions, since April 2007. She is also involved in the Utrecht research group Water Oceans and Sustainability Law. Tineke was trained as a commercial lawyer specializing in advising on mergers, acquisitions and privatizations in a large international civil law and tax law firm.

She is also a member of the Themis network for female company lawyers, member of Het Groene Brein, an inter-university research group in the Netherlands, board member of the NGO Stand Up For Your Rights (since 2008).
She advises external stakeholders in the board of Heineken and ABN AMRO regarding their CSR programs.

International activities

Tineke is a member of the Oslo University Sustainable Companies research group, editor of the International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal (ICCCLJ) and also a special editor for the European Company Law journal (ECL) for the bi-annual special issue on CSR and Social Responsible Investment (SRI).

Tineke is a board member of the Club of Rome - Dutch Chapter, member of the Round Table of World Connectors, member of the Advisory Board of the 1% Club, and Friend of the Earth Charter.

Recent projects

  • Managing a Helpdesk for Biodiversity and Business at Nyenrode together with CREM. The Helpdesk is designed as an instrument of Platform Biodiversity, Ecosystems & Economie (BEE), which Platform is managed by VNO-NCW & IUCN. The Helpdesk assists companies with improving their biodiversity impact profile (since Oct 2012).
  • Exploring research possibilities together with UNEP FI, Katoomba Group and the Brazilian government into investments in sustainable forestry and REDD+, which should result in publications and a conference in 2014.
  • Research on investing in biodiversity and ecosystems by institutional investors, resulting in various international multi-stakeholder working conferences, i.e. in 2009, 2011, 2012 (with Dutch institutional investors APG, FMO, the African Development Bank, IFC, FAO, Katoomba Group, UNEP FI, WWF and others); various publications and conference reports.
  • Setting up an international academic and policymakers conference (November 2013) and organizing an academic publication about the policy space of developing countries to improve their environmental laws and policies in view of existing restrictions in international investment treaties. This project is set up together with Utrecht University (Research Center for Water and Sustainability and Department Corporate Law) and the Dutch departments for Foreign Affairs and Infrastructure & the Environment.
  • Research on legal models that can support social entrepreneurship; This project is set up together with Utrecht University (Research Center for Water and Sustainability and Department Corporate Law). Presentations at the International Sustainable Development Research Conference in Stellenbosch 2013, the Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Alumni Research Day (June 2013), and the ABIS academic conference at Nyenrode on 'Financing Sustainability' (October 2013).
  • Advising a group of private actors on options to increase the recycling of timber packaging in the Netherlands, together with Probos (July 2012-April 2013).
  • Case study for HIVOS on structuring a public-private-community Partnership for Sustainable Development, 'Sumba Iconic Island', which resulted in a paper and various presentations. This project is set up together with Utrecht University (November 2012 - May 2013).
  • Lecture at the seminar 'Tropical Forests. Are we on the right track?' (Sept. 2012).
  • Jury member of the Partnership Election; Nu Zakelijk & NCDO at Nyenrode; Nov 2012