Prof. dr. Tineke Lambooy LL.M.

Tineke Lambooy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Globalization

Prof. Tineke Lambooy has been Professor of Corporate Law at Nyenrode Business Universiteit since 2015 and a researcher and associate professor at Nyenrode since 2007. She is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Entrepreneurship, Governance & Stewardship.

At Nyenrode, Lambooy directs civil law education, primarily Corporate Law; Mergers and Acquisitions; Business and Law; International and European Law; as well as Principles of Law. Furthermore, she has developed the Circular Economy and Sustainable Development program for the full-time MBA. In Executive Education programs, she also acts as a lecturer and she also supervises several PhD researchers. She regularly participates in a PhD or opposition committee of PhD studies that have a connection with her research areas.

Lambooy conducts (multidisciplinary) research projects in corporate law, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and international corporate social responsibility (IMVO). She researches the question of how (corporate) law can help create systemic change aimed at the implementation of social sustainability objectives by companies.

New legal forms and innovative business models for social enterprises also fall within her field of interest. Furthermore, she pays attention to the topic of stakeholder participation in strategy and policy, multi-stakeholder processes and private regulation (seals, labels, codes and self-regulation), as well as conflict resolution regarding conflicts between companies and their stakeholders on CSR topics.

Themes that often emerge in her research projects are: corporate governance and strategy; international supply chains; non-financial corporate reporting (Environmental, Social and Governance; ESG) and integrated reporting, as well as product-level transparency (product life cycle analysis); capital markets (portfolio-level sustainability goals and methodologies); circular economy; United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; the Earth Charter; human rights; labor rights; corruption prevention; climate change; biodiversity and ecosystems (natural capital).

In her research, Lambooy mostly focuses on the interaction between business, policy makers and legislators, civil society, and other stakeholders. In addition to legal research, she also conducts qualitative empirical research. These types of studies are regularly multidisciplinary in nature; on which she collaborates with Nyenrode colleagues from other disciplines. In addition, she also frequently works with academics from other universities (from the Netherlands and abroad, both from Western and non-Western countries) and policy researchers from research agencies. In qualitative studies, she often involves representatives of various stakeholder groups (business, NGOs, government, funders, consumers, consultants and academic experts).

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