Yulia Levashova is a researcher at the Center for Sustainability of Nyenrode Business Universiteit. She conducts a PhD research on the topic “Right to Regulate in International Investment Law.” Yulia has a legal background. She studied Russian law in the Russian Federation and European and international business law in the Netherlands. She graduated cum laude from a Bachelor programme of an honor college of Utrecht University (Roosevelt Academy) and she graduated with a distinction from the LLM programme in International Business Law and Globalization of Utrecht University. At both programmes she was awarded with scholarship. Yulia was always interested in the issues of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Therefore, she is involved in the research projects that deal with issues of sustainability such as biodiversity and capital markets, environmental law, international investment law and sustainable development and various aspects of corporate social responsibility. 
Yulia is a guest lecturer on investment law issues and CSR at various legal and business programmes in the Netherlands and abroad. She is an author of numerous publications and a co-editor of the upcoming volume “Bridging the Gap between International Investment Law and the Environment” by the Eleven Legal Publishing.  Yulia also organizes international conferences and seminars on the issues of international investment law, European Timber Regulation and biodiversity.