I am proud to be a part of the team that consists of diverse experts from various professional backgrounds.

Dr. Yulia Levashova is involved in a number of multidisciplinary research projects concerning sustainability and business. As a jurist, she is providing an in-depth legal analysis of the various legal issues, e.g. the interaction between international investment law and the environment; the role of decent work standards in supply chains under investment and trade law; the analysis of the EU sustainability laws. Her work resulted in the numerous peer-reviewed publications and reports. 

Yulia has a legal background and has a Master degree in European and International business law from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. She also has studied the Russian law in Russian Federation.

She is a researcher at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Stewardship and a research fellow at the Centre for Water Oceans and Sustainability Law of Utrecht University. Yulia: “My focus is on conducting the research on the legal aspects of  CSR and sustainability, and give lectures in these and other related fields of my expertise.”

Yulia: “My mission is to further develop the research in the field of the legal aspects of CSR, sustainability and foreign direct investment that will be translated into academic publications, as well as practical output for the business leaders.” Further on, she contributes in the internalization of Nyenrode, by cooperating in research and teaching with other universities and organizations outside of the Netherlands.