Life as a Booze band member #lifeasanyenrodian

June 6 2018

Did you ever enjoy live music at Nyenrode Business Universiteit? If yes, then there is a big chance you’ve seen a performance of our very own Nyenrode band, The Booze. The Booze band is part of the Nyenrode student association Nieuwe Compagnie Van Verre (the NCV) and provides current students with the opportunity to express their musical talent. Stijn van der Vat, Chairman of The Booze 2018, shares his experiences on being part of the band.

“When I started at Nyenrode I was a karaoke singer. That means a great performance, but a lack of musical talent. My father always said that I should go work on the radio so he could put me on mute, which gives a slight impression of my singing capacities.” Things changed rather quickly for Stijn, as he decided to take his vocal ambitions to the next level.

“Within the first week of my BSc in Business Administration program in Breukelen, I made some friends who actually did have musical talent. Roger (our own Billy Joel), Pablo (our own Jimi Hendrix) and I pushed each other to audition and a miracle happened; we got elected to play in the most beautiful band on campus, The Booze.”

Jazznight performance

Each year, the Nyenrode Jazznight takes place, an event that is known to be one of the biggest parties organized by the NCV. Around 600 people are able to attend the event, including students, staff, alumni and friends. The Booze band plays a big role in the event.

“Almost immediately after the audition we had to get to work, since the world famous Jazznight would be held and we had to perform at this event. This resulted in a great deal of stress, but also in the most valuable friendships. The closeness between The Booze members is like the saying ‘diamonds are made under pressure’ and so were our songs.”

Booze band members

Given that The Booze band consists of current Nyenrode students only, the band’s composition is subject to change. Graduation might result in band members leaving the group, which opens up spots for new students who are eager to audition. Stijn elaborates on this opportunity a bit more.

“One month ago, we had the honor to add someone to this very dear group of friends. A girl who was too shy to join the band in the beginning of the year, ended up being one of the best singers of Utrecht and became a true friend. For me and other Boozers, joining committees resulted in making very close friends and getting the opportunity to grow beyond our own limits. That is what Nyenrode is for me.”

The Booze is the musical heart of the student association of Nyenrode, the NCV. The committee was founded in 1985 and is still active today.

When the busy campus life allows it, you can find The Booze in the Boozeroom, the band’s rehearsal studio nearby the Zolderbar. The composition of The Booze members changes every year and that is why the band has a changing repertoire. Since this year, The Booze also added a group of friends who are called the ‘Boozemvrienden’. This group gives feedback on the songs and enjoys the practice sessions.

Visit the Booze Facebook page to remain updated on upcoming events.

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