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written by Paul van der Kwaak, BSc in Business Administration student

June 22 2017

Paul van der Kwaak, current BSc in Business Administration student shares his experience during Dies Parentes and Dies Siblings;  events organized to share with the Nyenrode experience with the families of our students.

''For a lot of parents, it might be hard to imagine what their child is occupied with here at Nyenrode. Of course, we tell them our stories and experiences every now and then. They have seen our rooms and some of our classmates, but the picture was not complete yet.

Every year the student association of Nyenrode, the NCV, organises Dies Parentes and Dies Siblings. These are two separate days organized for parents and siblings of current students. The goal is to show them the ins and outs of Nyenrode and the NCV.

This is truly an opportunity for family to step into the Nyenrode bubble for a day. This year the events took place on two beautiful days right at the end of May, and the weather added to the good atmosphere of families and friends coming together.

Some of the highlights of the event, Dies Parentes in particular, included an interesting lecture about the wonder of numbers by Prof. Bo van der Rhee, a campus tour which introduced all the different NCV committees, a wine tasting and a BBQ accompanied by the campus band.

The campus was exceptionally full of life during this weekend and that will only increase with the new extra students of the bachelor groups in the upcoming years. Personally, my parents were very much looking forward to the event, and that turned out to be totally justified. They were very pleased to truly discover the Nyenrode experience instead of just driving across the beautiful estate every now and then.''

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