English-language edition of art book about Nyenrode as an inspiration for art published

July 16 2019
About Nyenrode

The English-language edition of last year’s book “Nijenrode als inspiratiebron voor kunst” is now available for purchase. The coffee table book is also a catalogue of the exhibition of the same name, organized by Art Fund Nyenrode in collaboration with the Vechtstreek Museum in Maarssen.

The new, edited English-language edition is more comprehensive than the Dutch original and includes additional material such as the supplementary chapter “Stewards at a distance”. The hardcover book has 160 pages and more than 100 full-color illustrations of paintings that can be found in places like the castle as well as photographs of the artworks on the estate. The book also features numerous images of the castle (the Nyenrode art canon, which spans five centuries and includes many works from the Dutch Golden Age). Learn about the glorious history from 1260 to the present day and see how the castle transformed from a knight’s citadel into a noble country manor. Read about how traders and entrepreneurs settled on the estate leading up to the founding of the Dutch Training Institute for Foreign Enterprise (Nederlands Opleidings-Instituut voor het Buitenland) – the precursor to what is now Nyenrode Business University – in 1946.

The first copy of the English version of the book was presented to renowned art historian and Rembrandt expert Gary Schwartz, who resides in Maarssen in the municipality of Stichtse Vecht. Schwartz, an honorary citizen of Brooklyn in New York City, is involved in preparations for the Brooklyn 375 celebration to be held in 2021. The event will also focus extensively on the ties between the American borough of Brooklyn and the Dutch town of Breukelen.

The richly illustrated art book costs €29.50 and is titled “Nijenrode. Inspiration for art. The history of five centuries and more”.

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About Art Fund Nyenrode

Art Fund Nyenrode was founded around four years ago by a group of Nyenrode alumni. Its goal is to bring high-quality art back to Nyenrode, in the tradition of former castle owner and art dealer Jacques Goudstikker. Goudstikker died in 1940 while attempting to flee from the Nazis. This brought an untimely end to his prominent art collection, with most of the works ending up in the hands of Nazi leaders like Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring during World War II.

The exhibitions organized by Art Fund Nyenrode feature works from the private and corporate art collections of Nyenrode alumni and Founding Fathers, or artworks created by artists with a past link to Nyenrode. Art Fund Nyenrode also strives to acquire works of art either permanently or on long-term loan for its own Art Fund Nyenrode collection.

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