Entrepreneurship through “Integrative Intelligence”

October 4 2017

How do you keep reflecting in an ever-accelerating society? Robotization and digitization have become commonplace. Especially now, it is important to give direction to the increased volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in our lives. This is the message of Sharda Nandram, Associate Professor at the Center for Entrepreneurship & Stewardship at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. She has published three books on this subject.

Nandram argues that we can use Integrative Intelligence to shift our personal perspective and create opportunities out of these themes. For this to occur, an understanding of Integrative Intelligence must first be developed so that it can subsequently be applied through authentic leadership.

Building blocks

Integrative Intelligence calls for a holistic view of humankind and the world. Examining 250 definitions of intelligence pertaining to individual intelligence and artificial intelligence (also called machine intelligence) resulted in the conclusion that both are important for entrepreneurship. Integrative Intelligence therefore brings both types of intelligence together to provide building blocks for the era of digitization, robotization, alienation and loss of meaning.

From this vision, Sharda Nandram offers building blocks for an alternative framework for entrepreneurship and optimization of business processes. The insights are based on her work in recent years as a scholar, psychologist, economist, associate professor, entrepreneur and consultant.

Not a threat

Many people see artificial intelligence as a threat to employment, but according to Nandram this is entirely unnecessary: “We must utilize artificial intelligence to minimize red tape and other mind-numbing activities and increase efficiency. I like to make a distinction between mindful and mindless tasks. A robot can be used for mindless tasks. Mindful assignments are enjoyable and challenging for people, while also allowing them to make maximum use of their skills and develop themselves further.”

Various perspectives

How can you use the power of what already exists and give it new energy? “Just because something is old, that doesn’t mean it has to be wrong. But it’s important to highlight various perspectives,” Nandram explains. “Think of it like a cube. Integrative Intelligence highlights all sides of a case.

It brings old and new together in a natural way: psychology, economy, culture, philosophy, technology, etc.”

In the period ahead, Sharda Nandram will conduct more research on organizational designs that optimally benefit from Integrative Intelligence.

The new books of Sharda Nandram are:

  • Managing VUCA through Integrative Self‑Management: How to Cope with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in Organizational Behavior.
  • Understanding Integrative Intelligence: Embodied in the S-Model.
  • Leren vanuit je derde oog: voorbereiden op Integrative Intelligence.

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