European Real Estate Tax Guide 2021 edition launched by RSM and Nyenrode Business University

March 16 2021
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RSM International, the leading global network of audit, tax and consulting firms focused on the middle market, and Nyenrode Business University, have launched the 2021 edition of the Guide to Commercial Real Estate Taxation in Europe.

This guide provides cross-border businesses, investors and other stakeholders with a concise overview of real estate tax levies in various European countries. The guide follows the real estate cycle from acquiring, holding and selling commercial real estate that is held either directly or indirectly by domestic or foreign investors and legal entities. Real estate can be held through a variety of structural entities, such as registered and privately held corporations, investment funds, partnerships and trusts.

Onno Adriaansens, Head Real Estate RSM Netherlands and Co-Chair RSM Real Estate Group for Europe, says; The third edition of the Guide to Commercial Real Estate Taxation in Europe’ underlines one of our core principles: think global, act local. Information on local tax and audit principles in 23 countries enables our clients and partners to facilitate cross border real estate transactions which support their business development goals and objectives. Each of RSM’s local real estate desk is the catalyst to connecting with RSM’s extensive global network of real estate expertise and a substantial pool of real estate professionals.“

Tom Berkhout, Professor of Real Estate at Nyenrode Business University, adds: “Real estate is of great financial and strategic importance to entrepreneurs and investors. For the medium and long term, it has proven to be a solid investment. Despite COVID-19, interest in real estate investment remains strong, both from domestic and foreign investors. This real estate tax guide, prepared by local RSM experts from 23 countries, provides a good and practical overview of the tax opportunities for buying, selling and owning real estate."

For more information about the Real Estate Tax Guide you can visit the website of our partner RSM

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