Fraternity Luctor reveals renovated Orangery

July 6 2018

Last fall, the monumental Orangery on the estate has been renovated top-to-bottom with the help of considerable financial support of the Fonds Erfgoedparels (Heritage Gems Fund) of the province of Utrecht and alumni of the Fraternity Luctor et Abortior. On June 16, after their annual cycling tour, the fraternity's members held a festive opening session in the renovated Orangery.

Stichting Nyenrode Fonds - Luctor Oranjerie - opening (2)

The Orangery is an undiscovered gem of Nyenrode. It is hidden behind the castle and the rosary. Together with monuments such as two historical greenhouses, a monumental boiler room, including chimney and the wall, the Orangery is part of the kitchen garden complex, the accommodation of the garden staff.

Two years ago, thanks to the final push from Luctor, the peach greenhouse could be renovated. 'What started as no more than a modest donation really, developed into a major project in the end', Tanja Visser says, director of Nyenrode Fund. 'Because of its 50th anniversary, Luctor wanted to do something very special on a location that has a special meaning to them.' The renovation of the Orangery became their ambition.

Thanks to the passion and diligence of a few Luctoreans, this project got off the ground and thanks to the contributions of many, the Orangery has been restored to its former glory. 'It really was the effect of a combined impetus', fraternity member Peter Jan Kroon says. 'Not only did Luctoreans made an effort to raise funds in their own ranks, they made their contacts available as well. Via Luctor, Nyenrode Fund, owner of the estate, reached the Heritage Gems Fund, the other major backer of the project.'

'In the exploratory stage, we visited a Luctorean to get his advice about real estate management. Not only did Luctor make a financial contribution to this project, but a genuine partnership developed out of this as well. For almost two years, we had contacted each other almost weekly. Now the Orangery is finished and I am very proud of the result we achieved together.'

Stichting Nyenrode Fonds - Luctor Oranjerie - opening

Luctor's dream came true when the Orangery was renamed Luctor Orangery on June 16. This happened after the cycling tour Luctor has been organizing in June annually for several years.

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