Koen Becking leaves Nyenrode as of October 1

February 23 2024
About Nyenrode

Prof. Dr. Koen Becking is leaving as Chairman of the Executive Board and Rector Magnificus of Nyenrode Business University. This has been announced by Petri Hofsté, Chairman of the Nyenrode Foundation Board and Koen Becking after joint consultation. Koen Becking will not stay on beyond his first term, which expires on October 1 of this year. Nyenrode Foundation has begun the search for a new chairman.

Koen BeckingKoen Becking: "Nyenrode is a beautiful organization with a rich past. Building on this, we have made great strides in further professionalization in recent years. I am confident that the foundation has been laid for Nyenrode's further growth. In the coming months, I will focus on ongoing matters and a proper handover to my successor."

Petri Hofsté: "We respect Koen's decision and thank him for the cooperation and his commitment to putting Nyenrode on the map as the university of and for business. We will start working on selecting a successor and hope to be able to announce more about this soon."

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