Learning boxing from a World Champion #LifeasaNyenrodian

written by Brad Kanters, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student

June 28 2017

Brad Kanters, current student of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, reflects on the benefits of practicing sports as part of his education at Nyenrode.

‘’Nyenrode has a clear vision when it comes to sports because it wants to create responsible leaders. By “responsible,” I mean fit, healthy and energetic leaders. As the saying goes: “A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Each term we are offered a number of sports classes and one of them really caught my eye: boxing classes from former International Boxing Organization World Champion in the Middleweight class Raymond Joval.

Nyenrode not only offers world-class education, it offers sports classes at a world-class level as well. Before I started at Nyenrode, I did not really feel fit. But after a year of exercising three times per week, I feel better than ever.

Better equipped for the future

I have learned that if you work hard at sports, your body feels much better. You feel better equipped to take on the future. Participating in sports three times a week enhances your resilience a great deal. If you are to be a future business leader, you need to feel good, confident and in shape. The sports classes of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration gave me that.

Nyenrode is a university that doesn’t just help you advance your career to the highest level, it enables you to push your physical fitness to the highest level as well.''

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