Mental health and 'Mensje Nooitgenoeg'

May 30 2022

The norms and expectations at your work, at university, at sport clubs, with your friends and family, and online, may sometimes feel like they are competing and contrasting. Moreover, we are bombarded with slogans such as ‘push yourself beyond your limits’ and ‘become the best version of yourself.’ 

Who do you aim to be at work? Which image are you presenting with your friends? Are you  the driven accountant, the inspiring leader, the sportsman, the vegan girl, or are you simply your ‘true’ self? There is an abundance of possibilities of who you aim to be in life, who you can be in life, and how you would like to project yourself towards other people. How do you cope?

Nice to meet you, fellow Nyenrodian! My name is Yoy Bergs, PhD student at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Currently, I am busy with a large-scale quantitative research project for which I need your help. With this questionnaire I aim to find out how young professionals deal with the norms and expectations coming from their surroundings, how they present themselves in their daily lives, and what the possible consequences are.


I do this via a questionnaire. By completing the questionnaire at three measurement moments, you provide insights into this phenomenon to science. We will raffle 10 Nyenrode sweaters among those who complete the questionnaire. You can also register for a free masterclass “Navigating and Balancing Multiple Identities”, which contributes to your personal and professional development.

You will start the questionnaire via this hyperlink.

Do you want to read more about the outcomes of the research project? Check out the blog posts here.


The research team, including myself, personally want to thank you for every second invested in our research. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via

Prof. Dr. Pascale Peters
Prof. Dr. Rob Blomme
Prof. Dr. Xander Lub
Yoy Bergs (PhD Candidate)

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