From Miami to Breukelen #lifeasaninternational

June 19 2018

The beginning of summer is an exciting period for most of the high school students. It’s the time of year these students will find out whether or not they passed their high school exams and can start with a new phase in their life as university students. Some of these students will choose to proceed their further studies at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. So did Dutch-American student Denary Day.

“I heard about Nyenrode by word of mouth when I was actively searching for a university during the last part of my junior year.” Denary, who was born in the Netherlands and lived here until he was 7 years old, made the decision to leave his current place of residence in Coral Gables Miami to go back to the Netherlands to start the BSc in Business Administration program at Nyenrode.

“I chose Nyenrode as a university to proceed my studies. When I compared the university to all the other options in the USA and in the Netherlands, Nyenrode came out at the top based on its program, intensity and overall feel of the entire package it offers.”

High school graduation

Last month was an important and festive period for Denary, as he passed his final exams and accepted his high school diploma. Together with his friends he celebrated this accomplishment, looking back on the past years in high school, but also looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities ahead.

Denary Day - photo laundry bag

“In America, high school graduation day is a big deal. My close friends and I arranged to be together after getting our high school diploma. Our mothers arranged surprise gifts for us. The flag shaped items we hold are actually laundry bags that have the logos printed on them of the universities that we are going to attend.”

Denary Day - photo cake with logos

“The idea of the logos on the cake came from my mom. In the USA everybody shows with great pride which university they will attend, are attending at the moment or are an alum of, so this was a good reason for us to do that as well.”

Start of the BSc in Business Administration program

Since the BSc in Business Administration program starts in August, it's only a few weeks until Denary will be welcomed on the Nyenrode campus. “Not only do I look forward to live in my home country again, but I’m also interested to combine my American educational skills with those at the Nyenrode environment and enjoy the combined results."

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