Relocation notice: New residents on the Nijenrode campus

July 17 2020
About Nyenrode

Restoration work on the menagerie complex began in the summer of 2018. This encompasses five of the twenty-seven monuments of Nyenrode. The cultural and historical value of the menagerie lies not only in the buildings, but especially in their use. That is why the restoration aims to enable the return to Nyenrode of the special species of pigeon, duck and pheasant. In doing so, the Nyenrode fauna, including peacocks, deer and rhea, is greatly expanded.

The typical chalet-style granary is the first project in the series. The forage was stored in the granary from 1912 onwards. The two basement wells provided room for tubers and apples. Even now, the building has retained its function and has been restored to its former state.


The pheasantry has slowly declined over the years. The lodgings were the only reminder of the presence of the special species of pheasant that lived here until the end of the 20th century. Fortunately, that has changed.

We can now welcome back several species of pheasants, including the Reeves's pheasant, the (yellow) golden pheasant, the Lady Amherst's pheasant and the blue eared pheasant, to our campus. This collection of ornamental pheasants traditionally also populated the pheasantry. The animals were donated by Stichting Bouwstenen voor Dierenwelzijn (the Building Blocks for Animal Welfare Foundation) and the Modular Executive MBA 2018-2019 alumni. The plans for the restoration of the duck house and the pigeon loft with aviary will also be rolled out in the short term.

The entire project was made possible thanks to financial contributions from the Province of Utrecht (Fonds Erfgoedparels, the Heritage Gems Fund), Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund), Gravin van Bylandt Stichting (Countess van Bijlandt Foundation) and Stichting Bouwstenen voor Dierenwelzijn (Building Blocks for Animal Welfare Foundation).

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