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NIMA and Nyenrode partner up and launch new strategic marketing program

December 20 2021

On December 20 NIMA and Nyenrode Business University digitally signed a collaboration agreement. Kirsten Andres, director at NIMA and Jessica Peters-Hondelink, director of Customized Executive Education at Nyenrode, sealed the deal. The signing also kicks off a new marketing program offered by both parties. Julian Stevense, Nyenrode alumnus and owner of Brandgurus, is closely involved in the design, content and implementation from his expertise in brand and business consulting.

The first activity for both parties is the new joint program Strategic Marketing Management. This unique program focuses on leaders in marketing who are looking to broaden their knowledge at business, management and (personal) leadership levels. With that knowledge, participants actively seek to strengthen their role within the organization. They strive to become better interlocutors at strategic level and to create strategic plans with long-term value. The program contributes to increased awareness in the fields of business administration and organizational science. In addition, the participants will also work with their own leadership: how do they, coming from self-awareness, put the organization into motion.

Strategic interlocutor

Andres says about the Strategic Marketing Management Program: "From our network there was a clear need to have more marketing impact at management and board level. It is often not possible to truly convey the value of marketing to a CEO or, for example, a finance colleague. This education  program was developed for exactly that purpose. With a combination of business administration, finance, marketing strategy and leadership, we help shape new marketing leaders who are better strategic discussion partners. Marketing leaders who want to work on long-term sustainable marketing value for all stakeholders, from CEO to customer and from colleague to society.”

Jessica Peters-Hondelink adds: “It is a combination of our vision on leadership development and the business approach which is both NIMA’s and our strength. By focusing on leaders in marketing, you also learn from and with each other. We allow like-minded people to come together; after all, you often run into the same issues. In addition, a strong life-long learning community is formed."

Realizing change

The collaboration between NIMA and Nyenrode aims at truly bringing change about. Peters-Hondelink: "At Nyenrode, we believe in transformative education, which means working actively, experientially and in co-creation. The collaboration with NIMA is a great example of a partnership in which we make an impact for senior marketing executives on a personal, organizational and eco-system level by joining forces as a business university with the professional association for professionals in marketing, communication and sales. With this partnership and the launch of this program, which focuses on both the business side and the personal development of the marketing executive as a leader, we are adding a great program to our portfolio."

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