‘Nyenrode broadens your view of the world’

November 27 2020

Student Ilke Hellendoorn about her Master of Science in Management in Breukelen

From full-time job back to student life. It was quite a switch. Still, Ilke Hellendoorn doesn't regret it at all. After the Hogere Hotelschool, she soon got a job at Bilderberg Grand Hotel Wientjes in Zwolle. When she had worked here for two years, she decided to develop herself further by attending a master's program after all.

After having successfully completed her graduation internship at Hotel Bilderberg, Ilke was offered a job there. She accepted the position and developed her skills extensively through her work in the banqueting, sales and front office departments. Still, a change is as good as a rest. She looked into a number of master's programs and soon ended up at Nyenrode Business University.

Revolving scholarship

"I was allowed to attend a presentation by a Nyenrode student during my Hogere Hotelschool-days. The professionalism and the emphasis on personal development in particular attracted me. I also liked the intensity of the program. It's not just about your studies, but also about the NCV ("Nieuwe Compagnie van Verre”, the student association) and campus life. Actually, I was already sold by then. Thanks to a revolving scholarship provided by the class of 1958 I was able to start the Master program."

Busy as a bee

Currently, Ilke is involved in five committees of the NCV, including the 'Bijstand'; she is responsible for the introduction period and is involved in the Campus Committee Board. She is also a pianist in the 'The Booze’ house band. She often works out, studies hard and spends her free time with her friends on campus. A dynamo who's like a fish in the water. "I really like campus life. It's sociable. Thanks to the small scale, everyone knows each other. The mutual contact is intense and you make friends for life here."

The ‘Na Nyenrode programma’

Ilke thinks it's important that the bond she has formed with her contemporaries continues after her studies. That is why she is developing a 'Na Nyenrode programma’ (After Nyenrode program). In doing so, she wants to continue to stimulate mutual contact, among other things by organizing homecomings, masterclasses and events. Especially because several events have been canceled the last months due to corona measures.


"When I have something in my head, I want it to go exactly the way I conjured it up. In the last few months, I've noticed that that doesn't always work out. As chairman of the 'Bijstand’, I saw how important it is to be flexible and to keep motivating people. The introduction period could not take place due to corona, and the international trip I had co-organized was canceled. That sucks, after all that hard work. It’s a challenge to then ensure that everyone remains positive and looks for solutions."


During her studies at the hotel school, Ilke had the good fortune to do a six-month internship in New Zealand. "Here, I noticed how nice it is to meet new people and see new places every time. After my graduation, I hope to work for an international company, do a traineeship at a multinational or work somewhere in Europe as a regional manager/account manager. As long as it's a job where I get to travel a lot. I'm open to all challenges that come my way.


"The conversations with the donors of my scholarship are a lot of fun and educational. They are sincerely interested and tell me how things used to be at Nyenrode. Many of the traditions from back then still exist. But, of course, things have changed and have been modernized. I learn a lot from the life experience of my donors. It's a connection you get no other way than through a revolving scholarship. The annual reunion with all the laureates of the class of 1958, unfortunately, cannot take place this year; but I hope to see them again soon!"

Nyenrode Fund

Do you want to support students like Ilke, please contribute to the Nyenrode Fund by donating via our bank NL11ABNA0566993201 (BIC ABNANL2A), Stichting Nyenrode Fonds by mentioning ‘Scholarship Fund’. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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