Nyenrode Business Universiteit opens a location in Amsterdam

September 15 2017
About Nyenrode

On September 14th, Nyenrode Business Universiteit’s secondary campus in Amsterdam was opened in festive style. With this secondary campus, Nyenrode aims to increase its international appeal and tap into new target groups. This year the full-time MBA offered by Nyenrode was launched in Amsterdam. Next year an expansion of the full-time Master of Science in Management will begin at the location.

Faculty members, students, employees and external partners of Nyenrode came together to celebrate the opening of the Amsterdam location.

“Building connections”

The event was opened by Nyenrode Executive Board member Remmelt Vetkamp, who gave a speech on the theme “building connections”. Remmelt Vetkamp: “Looking for new connections begins with curiosity, both in business and in academia. Be curious about your fellow students and the society which we are a part of here in the center of Amsterdam. Make contact, create connections with one another, expand your network, exchange ideas and inspire each other!”

A special place

Jessica Peters-Hondelink is the new director of the Nyenrode location on the Keizersgracht. She gave the students an assignment as well: “Who do you want to be at the end of your studies? Think about that— don’t start limiting yourself, but dare to look further. Discover the cultural and artistic side of Amsterdam, and find out how this special place can bring added value to you and help you grow.”

The interior of the building called de Vijf Keijzers on the Keizersgracht was renovated and remodeled last summer. The modern interior has an open look and feel with workstations, meeting areas, study spaces, the biz lounge and lecture halls of varying sizes.

The festive opening ceremony was closed with a networking reception and live music. From now on, in addition to the location in Breukelen, Nyenrodians will be working, studying and attending lectures at the new Nyenrode location in the heart of Amsterdam.

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