Nyenrode Business University and the lockdown

Everyone studies and works online from December 16 through January 17

December 15 2020
About Nyenrode

Following the lockdown announced by the Prime Minister on Monday December 14th, all educational activities at the locations in Amsterdam and Breukelen will take place online from Wednesday, December 16th through Sunday, January 17th, 2021.

Lectures, courses, master classes and other educational activities where physical presence is strictly necessary are postponed. In case of postponement, program management will communicate a new date.


The exams take place online. Campus students in Breukelen can take an online exam in a cubicle if necessary and in coordination with program management.

Working from home

Working from home has been the norm in recent months. We are further tightening this measure. Lecturers are exempted from this measure to make use of the facilities for giving or recording online lectures. In addition, the employees who perform necessary work on location, such as security, garden services, cleaning, maintenance, and General Services, are also partially excluded from this measure. Other employees who must come to Nyenrode for necessary location-related work must first discuss this with their manager.

Locations closed

Both locations are closed. The facilities of the Breukelen campus are closed. The Albert Heijn and de Rooij buildings are only accessible for necessary work. Visitors to the Breukelen location are asked at the entrance for the reason of their visit.


Books can only be picked up by appointment at the library in Amsterdam and Breukelen. The data stream can also be used by appointment. Schedule appointments via library@nyenrode.nl.

Ceremonial gatherings

Following the teaching, ceremonial gatherings such as promotions, inaugural lectures and graduation ceremonies take place online or are postponed until further notice.

Joint responsibility

We realize that these strict measures can be drastic. Working and studying from home again, possibly with children at home who are not allowed to go to school or childcare, can be a tough task in these times. We will try to help everyone as much as possible to get through this period.

Earlier this spring we showed that the Nyenrode community can do this. By working together, helping each other and being there for each other when the going gets tough. We trust that these measures will contribute to reducing the coronavirus.

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