Nyenrode Launches English (Pre-)Master Accounting Program

May 23 2022

Starting next fall, Nyenrode Business University will offer an English, part-time Accounting Program. With this education program, the needs are being met of accounting firms that are looking to train a growing group of foreign talent as chartered accountants. Nyenrode is the only university in the Netherlands that offers the Pre-Master Accounting program both in English and part-time. The advantage of this is that the program can be followed in the office next to work.

The program is specifically aimed at foreign talent being trained as chartered accountants within Dutch accounting organizations. They participate in the Pre-Master’s, Master of Science in Accounting and the Post-Master RA, both completely in English and part-time.


The education program starts this fall with the Pre-Master, aimed at a group of up to 29  participants. The goal is for these participants to progress together to the Master's and eventually to also jointly complete the Post-Master's and with that the theoretical RA program. The education program focuses on talent that does not qualify for the Dutch program. Myrthe Bon, project leader English (Pre-)Master in Accounting explains: "In time, the program could also be interesting to students who, despite that they are eligible for the Dutch version, prefer to participate in the English program."

Attention to cultural differences

Like Nyenrode's Dutch Master's program, the English Accounting Master program also shapes students into the accountants of the future: professionals who are able to keep their backs straight in complex situations. In doing so, lecturers, for example within the subject of Professional Leadership Development Journey, pay extra attention to cultural differences. The program is developed in close consultation with the accounting firms where the students will get to work.


Nyenrode highly values internationalization, and the English Accounting program really shows this. "I am proud that we are now also offering foreign talent the opportunity to become chartered accountants and that we help increase their career prospects," says Constant Rams, director of Accounting, Controlling and Taxes. 

Students can now apply for the English (Pre-)Master of Science in Accounting program. The education program kicks off on September 1st. For more information, go to more information and registration.

Accounting firms that are interested in participating as employers are more than welcome to contact project leader Myrthe Bon, m.bon@nyenrode.nl, for more information. 

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