Nyenrode opens castle doors for weekend getaways

March 25 2021

We have great news for everyone who has ever dreamt of being a lord or lady of the castle for a weekend or midweek! As of spring 2021, it will be possible to book a room at Nyenrode castle at the river Vecht in Breukelen. The university has recently started preparations to ensure that the rooms will meet the needs of the guests. The revenue from the bookings will be used to pay for the planned renovation of the castle. The first guests are expected to arrive in May.

Staying in a wonderful environment

The location of Nyenrode’s castle, close to major Dutch hubs such as Utrecht and Amsterdam, offers the opportunity to get away from the city for a bit and to enjoy the green surroundings of the river Vecht. “More and more people go on vacation in their own country and look for special locations. Our offering completely meets the needs of this time”, says Koen Becking, Rector Magnificus at Nyenrode.

“Unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer restaurant facilities yet due to the current corona measures, but our guests can have a breakfast basket delivered to their room and there are many possibilities of ordering a great meal at local restaurants.” Also, our estate itself offers a wonderful environment which the guests can enjoy during their stay. If the developments surrounding COVID-19 allow for it, you might even run into a few of our students or professors, who are daily present at the estate.

Funding for maintenance

With the revenue from the bookings, the university wants to restore the foundation of the 750-years old monument. Over the years, the castle has been renovated many times. Despite those renovations, the walls are slowly cracking, which can cause subsidence in the long run. Nyenrode’s University Board and the united alumni are working hard to preserve the estate and the castle in Breukelen. The costs for this project are estimated at 13.2 million euros. Part of these costs are borne by external funds that support heritage conservation and by Nyenrode alumni. In addition, the revenue from renting out the castle will also contribute to the preservation. 

Are you interested? For more information and bookings, click here.

Video: special thanks to Cor van Vulpen.

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