Nyenrode B&B a resort for life?.....April Fool's Day!

April 1 2021

Maybe you fell for it; maybe you spotted it immediately. Of course, it sounds fantastic to be able to imagine yourself just for once as the lord or lady of a castle. But the castle of Nyenrode is not becoming a tourist attraction. Financing the renovation of the castle is no laughing matter, though: we are doing our utmost to conserve this 750-year-old  monument. 

In particular, the foundations need to be restored. The castle has been extensively renovated over the years. However, cracks are slowly appearing, which could ultimately form a subsidence risk. The Board of Nyenrode and the united alumni are dedicated to ensuring the conservation of the estate and the castle in Breukelen. The cost of this is estimated at 13.2 million euros. Part of this is borne by external capital funds which support the conservation of heritage, and by Nyenrode alumni. Besides this, anyone who is enthusiastic about Nyenrode and the castle can make a contribution.  

Would you like to help as well? Click here for more information and how you can make a contribution. 

Did you express interest in a weekend at the castle? 

Don't worry, we will make it up to you. You will receive a message from us shortly.  And would you like to spend a weekend in the green surroundings of the Stichtse Vecht? Nearby our estate you can visit Logement Swaenenvecht or Logement aan de Vecht. 


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