Research on innovations in tourism should create added value for travelers

September 4 2017
"ANVR and Nyenrode introduce chair in “Innovations in Tourism”

As of September 1st, Prof. Bas Hillebrand has been named professor by special appointment to hold the chair in “Innovations in Tourism”. Travel industry organization ANVR will hereby team up with Nyenrode Business Universiteit for a period of five years. In this chair, Hillebrand will carry out research with a focus on marketing and innovation in the travel sector. Rapid digital developments and critical consumers have turned the travel sector into a dynamic industry in which ANVR and Nyenrode see ample opportunity for research into innovation.

Frank Oostdam, President and Director of ANVR, is enthusiastic about the naming of Bas Hillebrand as professor by special appointment: “This is a very special milestone for the ANVR and for the travel sector. I am convinced that this partnership with Nyenrode and Hillebrand will lead to new insights and perspectives which we as the travel sector can benefit from.”


Digital technologies have given rise to many changes in the travel sector in recent years. New players in the field of travel are making their debut. Disruptors are turning the sector upside-down, and (business) travelers are more critical than ever when searching and booking. The rapid changes require a high degree of flexibility and constant innovation from travel companies. The ‘travel entrepreneurs’ within industry organization ANVR innovate, develop new business models and use new technologies to create added value for vacationers and business travelers.

Hillebrand’s thoughts on the developments in the industry: “Innovation in the tourism sector cannot be properly understood without taking into account the ecosystem in which innovation arises. Many innovations are excellent from a technical point of view and clearly appeal to customers, but still struggle to become a lasting success. An example of this in the tourism sector is Airbnb, which is now beginning to face problems in some cities due to its failure to take sufficient account of other stakeholders such as local communities and governments.”

New insights

While holding the chair in “Innovations in Tourism”, Hillebrand will not only investigate how organizations in the travel sector develop innovations and new business models and bring these to the market, but he will also study the behavior of consumers and business travelers. With the studies carried out as part of this chair, the ANVR aims to gain relevant scientific information and insights which will enable its member travel companies to provide even better help to (business) travelers on their way.

The research will take place under the supervision of Prof. Kitty Koelemeijer, Director of the Center for Marketing & Supply Chain Management at Nyenrode: “We are very pleased with the appointment of Bas Hillebrand. His research is a valuable addition to the scholarly research at the Center for Marketing & Supply Chain Management. Key focus areas in this regard are (digital) innovation, value chains, client behavior and new business models.”


For more information, please contact:
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