Strategic acquisition of SPO Pensioenopleiders by Nyenrode Business University

August 25 2022

Pension educator SPO becomes part of Nyenrode Business University as of September 1, 2022. Today, in Breukelen, SPO and Nyenrode made the acquisition official by signing the agreement. With the pension sector awaiting major changes, SPO and Nyenrode are making the knowledge network within the pension sector more future-proof by joining their forces. The transition to a new pension system requires both the latest knowledge and attention to good leadership from pension funds and their administrators. SPO and Nyenrode complement each other well and are therefore even better able to respond to the needs of everyone working in the sector.

Pension funds are responsible for the (future) income of millions of Dutch residents.  Not only does this require responsible administrators and professionals, but also a great deal of entrepreneurial power to help build the new pension system in the years to come. Where SPO is strongly connected to pension funds and pension administrators, Nyenrode has the in-house scientific knowledge about leadership and change issues and has strong connections with the business community. This collaboration ensures innovation and a broad education portfolio for executives, board members and administrators throughout the pension sector, offering substantive knowledge, practical relevance, leadership and personal development.

Digital and sustainability transformation

Besides the new pension system, SPO and Nyenrode also foresee two other developments that will increase the importance of the acquisition. Firstly, there is the digitization of, for example, processes and how clients are served. Secondly, the transformation to a sustainable economy will be playing a major role: pension is more than just money. Pension funds and asset managers bear a special responsibility for future generations and in sustaining our planet.  

Prof. Dr. Koen Becking, Rector Magnificus of Nyenrode: “The changes in the pension system and digital and sustainability developments require important strategic choices. Stewardship and responsible leadership are indispensable in this process. The combination of SPO’s knowledge of pensions and our experience with strategic change issues makes us the right partners to jointly prepare and guide executives, board members and administrators in the pension sector.”

André Snellen, SPO Chief Executive Officer: “Nyenrode offers SPO reinforcement at an academic level. The sector is facing a huge transition. By collaborating with Nyenrode, the pension world will be able to tie into the broad experience, knowledge and expertise that Nyenrode has to offer in this arena.”

The Hague location

The existing SPO location in The Hague will become Nyenrode's third location, in addition to Breukelen and Amsterdam. That way, the educators are easily accessible to the pension sector, with them located close to the Federation of the Dutch Pension Funds, policymakers and social partners, such as employers and employee organizations. 

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