Study and cultural trip to Russia #Lifeasaninternational

written by Eunji Kim, Full-time MSc in Management student

June 22 2017

Current South Korean student Eunji Kim reflects on the Global Immersion Program in Russia as part of her full-time MSc in Management journey.


"One of the most distinctive features of the full-time MSc in Management program at Nyenrode is the one week study trip abroad. This year, the students could chose from four destination options: China, Russia, Uruguay, and South Africa. All four trips were organized in collaboration with leading universities in the regions. The trip was scheduled with lectures, company visits, and cultural activities.

I myself chose Russia and went to RANEPA (Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration) in Moscow. The most helpful session to understand the Russian society was a lecture led by Prof. Tchernikov. We had some interesting discussions on how the Russian people perceive society and politics and how this is different from the perceptions in the West.

During this module, we also visited two companies that are operating in Russia. The CEO of VSK, an insurance company, shared his views on the insurance business, innovations, and management as well as his life story. At IPT Group, we could hear how they have been successful in managing their fast growing consulting business. Through their inspiring talks, I realized that passion in what you are doing is the key to success in business. During the last lecture, we had a panel discussion in which many questions and insights on Russia were shared. The Russian professors concluded with remarks about the future prospects for the Russian economy and business opportunities.

When it comes to cultural activities, we held some guided tours along the main attractions, such as the beautifully decorated metro stations, Kremlin, Red Square and Armoury Chamber. In addition, we could also join some of the celebrations of the Victory Day on May 9, a holiday that commemorates the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany in the Great Patriotic War. The official parade was held around the Red Square and included a military parade and a march of descendants holding the pictures of war participants. At night, the sky was illuminated by fireworks for 15 minutes to celebrate the day. I was lucky to watch the beautiful fireworks on a rooftop with my friends and local Russian people.

It was cold and rainy most of the time during our stay in Moscow. However, the delicious warm Russian dishes were perfect for comforting us. I will never forget the clean and extensive city filled with beautiful architecture. I also want to thank the professors, coordinators, and staffs from RANEPA and Nyenrode for organizing this successful study trip."

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