Summer break after year 1 of BScBA #Lifeasaninternational

written by Egor Fiodarau, BSc in Business Administration student

July 6 2017

Egor Fiodarau reflects on his first year as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration student before going home for the summer break. ''The year has come to an end. Assignments are done, exams are finished. Good weather and a good feeling - vacation. Yet, I am sad that I have to leave for a month or so. I will miss this place.

Throughout the year, I had an amazing experience at Nyenrode. Academically, it turned out to be a great challenge that I was very happy to undertake, as challenges develop us and make us grow. Socially, there are always people who are willing to help you out. Moreover, it is definitely wonderful to have friends here - another good reason to come back. Well, two more years will fly by very quickly, just like this one did. As an international student, I’ve always appreciated my network around the globe, since there would be someone waiting for me anywhere I wanted to go.


I shall mention that once the sun was generous enough to bring its warm sunshine, Nyenrodians were finally able to play tennis, row, and have a barbeque at the Rostrum - our barbecue place. Everyone enjoys warm days here and I am no exception. It’s lovely to spend time and study outside on the grass when it’s warm outside, isn’t it?

See you

The door is locked and I’m sitting on my suitcases. My “check-out” process was fast and easy. Now what? Time to go? Well, it’s good to know that I will be back. I will be back at Nyenrode along with its community, atmosphere, and spirit.''

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