Textbook 'Entrepreneurial Finance' wins Textbook Award

March 19 2021

Job Andreoli and Luisa Alemany have won an international ‘Textbook Award’ with their textbook ‘Entrepreneurial Finance: The Art and Science of Growing Ventures’.  The book, meant for students and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about financing (growing) businesses, has won the award in the category of ‘most promising new textbook’. The jury of the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) was of the opinion that this book was the perfect example of a good balance between theory and practice. Today the official presentation of the Awards takes place during an online ceremony.

European perspective

The textbook teaches students, entrepreneurs and starting investors everything about taking smart financial decisions during each phase of a business, from idea to IPO. From attracting investors and funds to financial instruments for growth and all financial challenges a startup fases. In addition, the book offers many case studies, expert interviews, and applications in the field. The book is completely focused on European companies, as opposed to all textbooks at the time that refer to and ideologize American (Silicon Valley) practices and legislation. That was the motive for Andreoli and Alemany to develop the book.

“Those textbooks present students a distorted image, as if startups and their financing are only possible in the United States, even though we have so many great examples in Europe as well”, says Andreoli. “This idea arose during a coincidental meeting at Harvard during a summer course in 2016. A great collaboration began, in which we have also been able to involve many inspiring European experts. The shared ambition of inspiring students and entrepreneurs still feeds the collaboration to date. A slightly more compact Chinese translation of our book will also be published by the end of this year”.

Most promising new textbook

According to the jury, the book is both innovative and enterprising. Each chapter begins with a relevant article from the Financial Times. This immediately shows the practical application of the subject. This year, the Textbook & Academic Authors Association (TAA) has awarded 25 textbooks worldwide. Ten books received the price for ‘most promising new textbook’.

“The price shows great recognition of appreciation for the book. From the beginning, we planned on developing a book that would bridge theory and practice and inspire students that way. That seems to have worked, we are delighted with this recognition!”


Job Andreoli is Senior lecturer Finance, PhD candidate Entrepreneurial Finance and leads the Nyenrode Incubator in Amsterdam. He is a member of the Nyenrode Faculty research facility, Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax.

He wrote the book 'Entrepreneurial Finance: The Art and Science of Growing Ventures' together with Luisa Alemany, Associate professor Management practice and Academic director of the Institute Innovation & Entrepreneurship at London Business School. 

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