The shoulders of Kalun Tse

Column by Prof. dr. Désirée van Gorp

February 13 2023

Prof. dr. Kalun Tse, professor of Finance at Nyenrode Business University, will retire this year. To this day he is much loved and an inspiration to colleagues and students. Read more about it in this wonderful column by Prof. dr. Désirée van Gorp.


When I joined Nyenrode, faculty was housed in the Koetshuisvleugel, an earthy scent spreading itself throughout the building. The nameplates on the doors carried names of colleagues such as Venu Venugopal, Henry Robben, Haico Ebbers, Jack Van der Veen and yes, Kalun Tse, on whose shoulders I was allowed to build my academic career.

Academic shoulders that showed the way to research and education. Kalun has been cherished all those years by students and the business community. Many times, I heard students, who dreaded Finance, say that after Kalun’s lectures they comprehended and yes, even liked the topic. This is the talent of Kalun, win his students for Finance by making perceived difficult content accessible for them. Tireless, enforcing respect, modest and professional. Till date he is a source of inspiration for his students and myself.

Meanwhile, he has been teaching generations of students. A current full time MBA student, Colin Griffioen, is the son of alumnus Douglas Griffioen. Both were taught by Kalun that impacted them profoundly; the circle is completed.

"My thesis partner and I were very privileged to have Kalun Tse as our thesis supervisor culminating in our second place finish in the HP Netherlands Strategy Prize open to all. He was very insightful and encouraging remaining highly supportive through the whole the entire process.  He had an excellent grasp of Finance, kept Finance class interesting (not at times an easy task!) and was a pleasure to deal with.  You always knew where you stood with Kalun and his comments were always constructive.” Douglas Griffioen

“It was honour to be taught by professor Kalun Tse in corporate finance. He had an excellent balance of humour and anecdotes alongside his informative teaching (using no slides at all!). He pushed me to understand finance to the best of my ability in a supportive, positive, and engaging way!” Colin Griffioen

Now Kalun is retiring. It is hard to belief when you look at him. He seems unchanged from when I met him the first time. Still tireless in his teaching and being 100% committed to his students. But it is a fact. Hence this column as an ode to an important pillar of the Nyenrode faculty.

Désirée van Gorp, Amsterdam, February 8, 2023

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