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June 2 2021
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Have you always wanted to look around on our campus in Amsterdam? From now we also offer this possibility digitally. Nyenrode has launched an app to take a digital tour, in which alumnus Aydan Kool walks you around on our campus in the capital.

“We have mainly built the app for people who consider going to college in Amsterdam specifically. That way we can give them an exclusive look inside”, says Amber Overbosch, team lead of Nyenrode’s program advisors. “Aydan is originally from Singapore, but he already studied in the Netherlands before he started at Nyenrode. So back then he had the opportunity to visit us at the Keizersgracht in person.”

“Unfortunately, we were not able to organize any open days during the corona time. But also under ‘normal’ circumstances we are seeing that many internationals can’t free up time to travel to the Netherlands for an open day or that they can’t make it on the dates we have the open days scheduled on. That is when the digital tour offers a good alternative.”

Building ‘De Vijf Keizers’

The app gives you an impression of the building in a fun way, including the study locations, the garden and the location at the Keizersgracht. During the tour, Aydan arrives on his bike and is welcomed in building ‘De Vijf Keizers’ by Caroline Hogervorst from the administration. Professor Désirée van Gorp explains more about the education program and the types of students we are looking for and Victoria Bressers from Career & Personal Development paints a quick picture of what that department does for the students.  

The Incubator is also included in the app. Alexandros Visser, former MSc student in Breukelen, explains more about the importance of the Amsterdam Incubator for the startup Ucentri which he started together with former college buddy Floris Geurts.

“The digital tour was made by Intractive, a startup from Utrecht. The strength of the app is the variation it offers”, according to Amber. “First the app shows you a short videoclip, followed by a question.  So instead of just looking at your screen, it is really interactive. At the end of the tour, people who are interested can leave their information so that we can contact them later.”

Prepared for the online future

“The app helps us prepare for a future in which people will do more and more online. First it was mainly about being physically present, but during the corona time we have gotten more used to experiencing online. That way you become part of the story; you are no longer a spectator, you are digitally playing in your surroundings. Many potentials let us know that it is perfectly fine to get a first impression online. And that they will visit the campus physically when they are really interested.”

“We also receive feedback on the app from our students. A group of BScBA-students for example, has chosen to do research about the added value of the digital tour for students for the Sustainability course. They are approaching a number of internationals who have shown interest in the bachelor’s degree program to ask them what they expect from such a tour and if they would download an app for that particular purpose.”

“The digital tour is also fun for students who already follow their education program in Amsterdam to show their friends and family at home around. And for alumni who have studied in Breukelen, it is of course interesting to see what our campus in Amsterdam looks like. To many of them it is still unexplored territory.”

Would you also like to look around digitally, download here the app on your mobile device 

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