Single donation

Limited tax advantages are awarded for a single donation with a minimum of 1%, or at least 60 euro, and a maximum of 10% of your taxable income. Let us say your taxable income on a yearly basis is 35.000 euro. This means you will only be able to get a percentual refund for your donations if you donate no less than 350 euro and no more than 3500 euro a year. Please visit this page from website of the Dutch Tax Authorities for more information.

Example: Suppose you would like to make a single donation of € 500 and your taxable income is € 35.000. The amount deductible from tax is € 150 (your donation of € 500 minus € 350, the minimum amount you must donate). In this example your tax advantage is € 56,06 (37,37% of € 150). You request the refund via the Dutch Tax Authorities. In short, you donate a net amount of €443,94 and the Nyenrode Fund receives € 500.


Michiel Munneke

Michiel Munneke

Director Development