Executive MBA

May 2024
1 April 2024
2 years (12 modules)
12 to 20 hours per week
Sunday to Saturday afternoon every eight weeks
€ 59.400

Accreditation: AMBA: London, United Kingdom & EQUIS: Brussels, Belgium.

Nyenrode's Executive MBA (Master in Business Administration) is a two-year program. As a manager, leader or entrepreneur you choose to participate because you want to develop yourself to the best leader you can be. Our Executive MBA program helps you to boost your leadership impact throughout your Personal Leadership Development Journey, the main theme of the program.

The program consists of twelve intensive modules, of which eight take place at Nyenrode's campus and four abroad. You study and work with a group of like-minded professionals to broaden your views on business, management and leadership, and you will discover new things about yourself; about your qualities, your passions, your style, and your personality.

The modules are every eight weeks from Sunday to Saturday afternoon in Breukelen and from Sunday to Friday evening abroad.

  • Focus on leadership for the future
  • Experience business on four continents
  • Bootcamp structure

What will you get out of it?

  • Title: MBA
  • An AMBA (London, United Kingdom) and EQUIS (Brussel, Belgium) certified diploma (These accreditations are the legal basis for granting the degree Master of Business Administration).
  • A clear vision on the future of business and your role therein
  • New and enhanced personal leadership skills
  • International view on business and management
  • A strong bond with your fellow peers and an ambitious network


    Personal Information Session

    Do you have questions about the Executive MBA program? Then download the brochure, attend an experience event or request a personal interview with our program advisor, Lisette. She will contact you by phone to schedule an appointment.

    Make an appointment with Lisette 


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The CEO Magazine's Global MBA Ranking 2023

A great result for our Executive MBA in CEO Magazine's annual Global Tier One MBA rankings. With a 5th place in the Global Executive MBA ranking we have risen 11 places compared to last year. CEO Magazine assesses, among other things, the quality of the faculty, international diversity, class size, accreditation, the male-female ratio and the personal attention for students in their professional development. The complete list of the CEO Magazine Global MBA Rankings 2023 and a complete overview of the criteria can be found  here.

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Admission and application

If you want to apply for our Executive MBA, you have to meet the following requirements:

1.         Bachelor's or Master's degree (any subject).
2.         A minimum of five years of full-time, relevant work experience.

If you'd like to know more about these requirements before applying, we advise you to download the Executive MBA brochure or to request a Personal Information Session.

Application deadline

The application deadline is 1 April 2024. Start the application process in time to avoid disappointment! For more information, contact Lisette, our program advisor.

Ambition and leadership

We expect you to have the ambition to make that next big step in your career. This also means that you are considered a high potential by your current organization. You are someone who has a leadership role right now or will do so in the near future. You are open-minded and curious, and you want to discover more about yourself and learn from others. If this is who you are and you want to develop your skills, register for our Executive MBA.

Admission procedure

Our admission procedure takes place in three steps; once we have received and approved your documentation and have held an interview, we decide on your eligibility. The three steps are outlined below:   

Step 1: Documents 

In order to start processing your application-please apply online-where we need the following documents:  

  • Application form.
  • Motivation letter and essay.
  • Two letters of references (Format of Nyenrode that you send from the online portal to the specific persons such as a manager).
  • If applicable, test report of GMAT, GRE.
  • TOEFL or IELTS certificate or equivalent, if required.
  • Copies of relevant diplomas/transcripts.
  • Curriculum vitae containing a five years' relevant work experience. 

Step 2: Assessment and interview 

Based on your documents, we make an assessment about your suitability for the program. If this assessment has a positive result, you will be invited for an interview. This takes place at Nyenrode. Before the interview, you will be asked to complete the Nyenrode LTP online admission test. During the admissions interview we discuss your motivation, your LTP admissions test and our mutual expectations.  

Step 3: Final decision 

The assessment and interview combined determine whether you can start the Executive MBA. If the decision is positive, we invite you to register*.  

If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to contact us. 

* By signing up for this program, you agree with the terms and conditions of Nyenrode and the rules and regulations of the program. 


What are you going to do?

Every eight weeks, you have 7 days of intensive classes with a group of max. 40 participants. The classes lasts from Sunday to Saturday afternoon at Nyenrode (eight times) and from Sunday to Friday evening abroad (four times). You participate in lectures and work together in smaller sub-groups. You have an active role in your own development and the development of your fellow participants. When you're back home after a module you work on assignments and prepare for the next module.

Developing your leadership skills

Our Executive MBA program has been developed to challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone. We use academic concepts about leadership and management, while maintaining a personal approach. You will look at your vision, beliefs and past experiences with fresh eyes, and learn about your strengths and challenges in regards to your future career prospects through activities such as Peer Group Coaching and Leadership Event Reviews, among others.

Using your new-found knowledge

You will be able to apply what you learn during your studies in the daily practice of your organization. Our program is designed so you can combine your MBA ambitions with your work and personal life and still be part of the Nyenrode community.


Your fellow participants work in many organizations and sectors, varying from industrial, retail, professional services and government to ICT and consultancy. They may be a senior professional or part of a management team. However, they have one thing in common: their desire to become the leader of the future.

Course content

Our Executive MBA program contains these twelve modules:

  • Strategies for the Future Organization
  • Preparing the Organization for the Envisioned Future
  • Financing the Organization  
  • Economics and Entrepreneurship
  • HRM and Entrepreneurship in Business 
  • Sustainable Business and Stewardship in Latin America
  • Management and communication across the organization
  • Organizational dynamics and Change Management
  • South-East Asia and Globalization
  • Finance and sustainability in organizations 
  • Innovation and Digitization
  • Strategic Leadership

Request the brochure for more detailed information about the courses.

Final project

After an intense two-year Executive MBA Program, you will round up your studies with a final project on an academic level. This could be a consultancy project, an academic research project or an entrepreneurial project. The successful defense of your thesis will lead you to receiving your international recognized MBA tittle. 

The investment

The cost of the Executive MBA is € 59.400,- .

This includes: 

  • Books

  • Accommodation 

  • Meals at Nyenrode 

Not included: 

  • Plane tickets, Visa costs, Travel insurance 

  • Some meals abroad 

Paying in installments is optional.
Contact our program advisors to inquire about the possibilities.

What will you get out of it?

Executive MBA at Nyenrode is an investment in yourself. The program will actively strengthen your leadership abilities, preparing you for the next big step in your career. Besides investing in yourself, you are also able to invest in your company. You will be one of the people who is able to lead their company into an ever-changing future. You have the courage and insight to actively serve your company with the vision you have developed as a leader. 

As a Nyenrode MBA Graduate you also get access to the Global Nyenrode Alumni network.  

Check out the Return on Education of Stephanie van Oorschot, EMBA alumna

International modules

Our Executive MBA offers you a unique view on and insight in international business. Our Doing Business Globally modules introduce you to various cultures within the global business world. You will visit Nyenrode's partner universities in Asia, Africa, the US and Latin America. Each visit will focus on a different aspect of international business and management.

Request the brochure to find out when the international modules are scheduled. The international programs are across four continents. Giving you an impression about these modules are quotes of our leading professors. 


Module under development.


"From the visit of a township to explore the impact of apartheid on society, to exchange on the sustainability practices of a wine maker in Stellenbosch, to explore the African energy transition from the eyes of South African civil servants, to provide strategic recommendations to local entrepreneurs in Cape Town, this is what you get during an MBA immersion week in South Africa. It is a mix of insightful discussions, breathtaking Nature, group dynamics but also confronting realizations of the impact of poverty and cultural differences.  it is not for the faint of heart but for the curious one as this is Africa!" - Professor Nicolas Chevrollier 

United States

One of the modules of the executive MBA will be around the theme of Innovation & Digitalization led by Nyenrode professor Désirée van Gorp. Lectures and company visits will focus on topics related to innovation, digitalization and entrepreneurship, such as; 
  • latest developments on (generative) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its added value for business;  
  • design thinking as a tool to enhance an entrepreneurial culture thriving innovation; the use of Application Programming Interface (API) as a game changer for enhancing customer experience and efficiency;  
  • inclusion and diversity by design as default for all new product/service development; the need for gathering ESG performance data to enhance a data strategy and a sustainability agenda;  
  • and creating a culture of ‘win or learn’.  
Lectures and company visits will be done in an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive. It is our goals to make this module for the executive MBA participants a true reward for life.  - Professor Désirée van Gorp 

Latin America

“Take for example Costa Rica. What happens to business and society if over time one makes special decisions? Like abolishing the army in 1949 and instead investing in education? Like limiting import and instead learning how to use the resources you have? Is this the explanation why Costa Rica is the country that is closest to the safe and just space for humanity as it is described in the Doughnut model of Kate Raworth? In this study trip you’ll learn that there are different layers in answering these questions. And the good thing of a study trip is that you’ll not only know about this, but you’ll experience it. And that’s the best chance we have to make sure you’ll remember”. - Professor André Nijhof