Executive Program Sales Management

February 6, 2024
3 days
€ 3.795 (excl. VAT)

Executive Program Sales Management

A proactive attitude and solid, personal and passionate leadership are crucial to remaining successful as a sales manager in this changing world. Not only do you carry the responsibility for the commercial organization, but you are also expected to develop a strategic sales vision and promote this vision for the entire organization. And of course all of this must lead to the desired results. To be able to fulfill this role, you have to be able to think and act outside the box. You must also be able to recognize new opportunities and challenges, like tapping into new markets and breaking new ground with original and bold, yet realistic initiatives. Long story short: an active contribution to the development and implementation of a successful sales strategy based on vision is expected of you.

How do you benefit from this program?

The combination of theory and practice brought to you by the lecturers, allows you to translate relevant ‘takeaways’ to your situation. The interaction with the other participants during the program, but also during the breaks (coffee, meal, walk, bar) gives you the opportunity to look at your solutions from different angles. You learn to think outside the box to tackle your challenges in a different and, above all, concrete way. The insight of lecturers/speakers and participants is what makes this program so valuable. Based on a combination of the presentations and your notes, you will be able to draw up an action plan to actually get started. The cohesion in the group offers opportunities to contact participants and lecturers afterwards to brainstorm. Not only does this masterclass offer you guidelines to formulate a sales strategy, but to realize it as well. After completion of this masterclass you are even more capable of giving substance to all facets of sales management.

How does this masterclass benefit your organization?

Proactive (sales) managers are the employees to keep and challenge. Managers and leaders in change management following this program, will start working more from an entrepreneurial perspective. They will also experience more ownership and, above all, job satisfaction, due to the impact they make. The program contributes to strengthening change processes, making them more effective and more valuable.

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Bas Kodden portret
Prof. dr. Bas Kodden is Professor of Leadership & Management Development, Coordinator of the Center for Strategy, Organization & Leadership and Academic Director of several leadership programs at Nyenrode Business Universiteit.