Prof. dr. Dennis Vink

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  • Empirical research in asset pricing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Foundations of Finance
  • Strategic Finance
I help participants understand the managerial relevance of finance and how to solve complicated financial business cases.

Prof. dr. Dennis Vink is Professor of Finance and Investment at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Corporate Reporting, Finance & Tax. Vink teaches corporate finance and strategic financial management. Furthermore, Dennis is the author of various academic papers that focus on empirical research in financial markets. His research is presented at the American Finance Association multiple times. 

Several papers he worked on are co-authored by Frank Fabozzi on topics related to structured finance to advance the knowledge in the area of credit ratings and the use of asset-backed securities in (European) financial markets. His work is published in high quality international academic journals, such as: the European Journal of Finance, The Journal of Structured Finance, Finance Research Letters, The Journal of Fixed Income, and the European Financial Management Journal. Dennis acts as a referee for several top-10 finance journals and the European Central Bank. 

Furthermore, Vink has (co-)authored with Martin Vredendaal three books in the area of financial management. Edition of Basisconcepten Finance is used at universities and hogescholen in Holland. Editions of their books Basics of Finance and Special Topics in Finance are being adopted by universities and business schools in over four countries.

In addition to his research, has collaborated with the management of Damen Shipyards, ING Real Estate, Eureko / Achmea, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Municipality of Rotterdam, and Moody's.

Vink finished the General Management Program (GMP) at Harvard Business School in 2019. He received a Master of Science degree in Financial Management from Nyenrode Business Universiteit (1999) where he also obtained his PhD degree (2007). Additional training was followed through the Tilburg PhD Program in Finance (2003-2005), and Cambridge Judge Business School (2013). He is a member of the American Finance Association, European Finance Association, European Financial Management Association, and Midwest Finance Association.


His main hobby is hanging out with his daughters closely followed by his love of hockey.

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