Drs. Erik Maier

Erik Maier
  • Learning and development
  • Personal Development
  • Facilitation conferences and consultancy work
  • Personal Leadership Development Journey
  • Leadership Development
Working with presence on presence.

Drs. Erik Maier works as a lecturer, program manager and PhD student at Nyenrode Business University. He is part of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Strategy, Organization & Leadership. Preferably he works on the field of personal development and organizational development: the area where strategic goals of the organization an individual needs connect and sustain.

"At Nyenrode we make a bold promise: We shape responsible leaders’. This ‘shaping’ process intrigues and inspires me grasp leadership development for students and executives. Through a longitudinal study we hope to get more insights in the ‘personal leadership journey. It is very nice to see people picking up their responsibility and become accountable in moving and developing their selves and their organization. I like to be involved in that process on a personal, team and organizational level."