Dr. Hans ten Rouwelaar is Assistant Professor of Management Accounting & Control at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Hans (born in 1959) studied Econometrics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (1977 – 1985). Ten years later, the data of his Master thesis (Rouwelaar, 1984) was used by his thesis supervisor Merkies (1995). After finishing his doctoral thesis, Hans worked for COTG (currently NZa) in Utrecht (1984 – 1989). In 1988 he decided to work as an independent remedial teacher in Amsterdam (1988 – 2000) next to his work as part time teacher at the Christelijke MEAO (currently ROC) in Amsterdam (1989 – 1992), and at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht (Hogeschool van Utrecht) (1992 – 2000).

Since 2000, Hans has been a fulltime Assistant Professor in Management Accounting and Control at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. During these years he has been involved as faculty member in a number of committees, like the Curriculum Committee (2001 – 2005) and the Exam Committee (2002 – 2006). Nowadays, he is coordinator of the Center for Information and Management Accounting Control Systems (the former Center for Accounting, Accounting and Control) (2005 – to date), also member (and from 2003 the chairman) of the Management Control Committee (Kerngroep MACO) for the Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (1998 – to date), member of the Theses Committee of Accountancy studies (2008 – to date), member of the theses committee of 2nd readers of the Master of Science in Management, member of the Committee of Appeal for Accountancy and Controlling studies (2011 – to date), and member of the University Teaching Qualification committee (2014 – to date).

As a lecturer, Hans is involved in several Masters of Science, Executive and in-company programs teaching Management Control as the main topic, and also coaching financial paragraphs of business plans (Rouwelaar and Kappelle, 2008). He was program manager for COA with Jean van der Bijl and Jos Stevens in 2002 and 2003 and for ENECO with Jan Smit in 2009. Moreover, he supervises thesis projects for the degree programs, e.g. the Master of Science in Accountancy, the Master of Science in Controlling (awarded best supervisor in 2014), the Master of Science in Management, and the Executive Master in Finance and Control (EMFC).

As a PhD Researcher, Hans has been writing this dissertation (May 2004 – May 2015). Besides that, he was leading a number of practice oriented research projects, e.g. two quantitative studies with ConQuaestor about corporate performance measurements in the healthcare sector (Eeken et al., 2010 and 2012), a qualitative study with PA-Consulting Group about the expected financial position in 2020 (Conijn and Rouwelaar, 2012), and some working papers with other co-authors. The results of these research projects are published in Dutch practitioners’ journals (Conijn and Rouwelaar, 2012; Roon and Rouwelaar, 2013) or working papers (Rebel and Rouwelaar, 2015).

Other positions
In his leisure time, Hans is an active member of the parish board of the RK church De Goede Herder in Amsterdam-Buitenveldert (2001 – 2014), and Secretary of the Regional parish board of RK Amstelland (2001 – to date), which was trying to promote the cooperation or merger of the seven parish boards in Amstelland: Heilige Anna, Sint Augustinus, Sint Urbanus Bovenkerk, Heilige Geest, Sint Urbanus Ouderkerk, Zalige Titus Brandsma, and De Goede Herder. Since June 2014 these parishes are merged into the RK parish Amstelland. At the request of the Dean of Amsterdam (Ambro Bakker s.m.a.), Hans became a member of the Diocesan Pastoral Council of the Bishop of Haarlem/Amsterdam, which has as main task to advise the Bishop, Mgr. dr. Jozef Punt, and the auxiliary Bishop, Mgr. dr. Jan Hendriks of Haarlem directly (2013 – to date).