Dr. Jeroen van der Velden

Associate Professor
Jeroen van der Velden
  • Digital Transformation
  • Strategic Transformation
  • Future of Organizing
  • Business & Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Thinking
Keep on wondering and embrace uncertainty.

Dr. Jeroen van der Velden is associate professor of Strategy Alignment and Director of Nyenrode's Faculty Research Center for Strategy, Organization & Leadership at Nyenrode Business University. His fascination focusses on how new technologies impact and change organizational and daily people lives.

Van der Velden joined Nyenrode Business Universiteit in 2003. His teaching covers a wide area of topics from strategic management to organizational development, digital transformation and change management. As a researcher he focuses on strategy alignment and the capability of organizations to successfully operate in dynamic environments.

As an advisor van der Velden has been active in various sectors of industry; financial, utilities, process industry, telecom and government. He participated in various organizational transformation and strategy implementation programs in organizations such as ABN AMRO, ING, Delta Lloyd, Heineken International, Shell International and the Tax Department where he developed and introduced new working practices.