Reza Dabestani

PhD Student
  • Professional Service Management
  • Big Data & Analytics in Business
  • Business Modeling
  • Professional Service Management
  • Big Data & Analytics in Business

Reza Dabestani is a Ph.D. Student at Nyenrode’s Center for Marketing & Supply Chain Management. His research project focuses on how big data-driven transitions of firms can be monitored and evaluated and address the foregoing interrelated gaps and contribute to the extant business model theories and emerging scholarly discourse on the business value of big data.

Dabestani has obtained his Bachelor in Industrial Engineering from Azad University and MSc in Industrial Management from the Department of Management, University of Isfahan, Iran. Currently, he is a Ph.D. researcher on the topic of big data-driven business models at the Nyenrode Business University, focusing on big data and business models. His research has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals, such as the International Journal of Quality and Reliability and Total Quality Management and Business Excellence. His research interest includes big data and data mining analytics, business model innovation, business excellence, quality management, and service quality. Dabestani has been a part-time lecturer for four years and worked for seven years as an industrial engineer, head of investment and project development, and business excellence manager in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pursuing Ph.D. at Nyenrode Business University and exploiting all opportunities to satisfy his sense of curiosity and constantly seeking for learning, knowing, and understanding more is how Dabestani gives substance to the mission and core values of Nyenrode. 


Dabestani is interested in spending his time with his family, playing chess, and reading novels.

Most relevant publications

  • Solaimani, S., Dabestani, R., Harrison-Prentice, T., Ellis, E., Kerr, M., Choudhury, A. and Bakhshi, N. (2023). Exploration and prioritisation of critical success factors in adoption of artificial intelligence: a mixed-methods study, International Journal of. Business Information Systems, In press paper.
  • Dabestani, R., Shahin, A. and Saljoughian, M. (2017). Evaluation and prioritization of service quality dimensions based on gap analysis with analytic network process", International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management. 34(4). 530-548.
  • Dabestani, R., Shahin, A., Saljoughian, M. and Shirouyehzad, H. (2016). Importance-performance analysis of service quality dimensions for the customer groups segmented by DEA: The case of four star hotels. International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management, 33(2). 160-177.
  • Dabestani, R., Shahin, A., Shirouyehzad, H., & Saljoughian, M. (2017). A comparative study of ordinary and fastidious customers’ priorities in service quality dimensions. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 28(3-4), 331-350.