'An ode to my mother'

Three students express their appreciation for their mothers

May 6 2020

On Sunday May 10, it is Mother's Day, three students of the BSc in Business Administration (BScBA) - Alec Inden, Jasper Laarhoven and Axl Dreesen - pay tribute to their mothers who all three have also studied at Nyenrode in the past. How is their bond? What have they learned from their mothers?

What is the most important thing you learned from your mother?

Alec Inden is the son of entrepreneur Ariane Inden: "My mother has her own vision. If she had listened too much to others, she would never have got to where she is now. I learned that from her. She does things in different ways than others, which sets her apart from the rest. Doing so makes me feel strong and people can appreciate that. Listen carefully, consider everything, but still try to keep my own vision."

Axl Dreesen en moeder

Annemarie Dekker is the mother of Jasper Laarhoven. She had a stroke a few years ago which paralyzed the left side of her body. Jasper: "She never doubted whether she would recover or not. That also worked out very well. You notice in everything she does that she persists and always continues. I also try to go everywhere with good spirits. We’ll see how it goes, as long as you do everything you can. That's why I am able to deal with setbacks fairly well, because: it is as it is, and it happens as it happens".

Axl Dreesen also learned from his mother Ester Stofberg to always persevere. "Try to turn the negative into something positive. I notice that I sometimes find that quite difficult and I have also seen my mother struggle with it. But she taught me that there is always light at the end of the tunnel."

Like you, your mother studied at Nyenrode. Did she influence you in your study choice?

Alec: "I never really wanted to study business administration, but something technical. Growing up in a family with two entrepreneurs and traveling a lot, I concluded that I don't get happy if I chase after someone else's dreams all my life. I want to make my own dreams come true. I came up with the idea to go and see Nyenrode. Of course, I was influenced by the fact that both parents studied here. But it is more their lifestyle that I think suits me. Here you have the campus life, the association with the disputes and the study in one. Everything is also focused on business administration and entrepreneurship, so it all came together."

Alec Inden en moeder

Jasper's father and mother both encouraged him to look at Nyenrode to see if it would suit him. "My parents didn't really influence me. I really liked campus life. My mother has done the BBA at Nyenrode in the past. We sometimes talk about the similarities and differences, also with her friends from Nyenrode. I like that and it is also special. I hope I can do the same with my fraternity."

Axl never really knew Nyenrode at all until his mother started the Modular Executive MBA. "Then my stepfather went on to do the same program. So, I really knew the university from my parents. They did set me free in my choice."

What do you appreciate most about your mother? Would you say something to your mother?

Alec: "I like how neutral she is to us, she has never influenced us, she listens. Just find out what you want to do. I appreciate that a lot. Ultimately, I ended up with the same thing she did. Partly because of her I also had an international life, almost all my friends are international. This gives me a very open view towards the world. I am super close with my mother and I'm very proud of her! And I think it's great how she's doing right now!

Jasper Laarhoven en moeder

Jasper: "My mother is always honest and sincere, with good intentions. She does her utmost to keep everything in order for us. You are a winner, keep enjoying life as you do now. And make something beautiful out of it!

Axl: "Sometimes I find it difficult not to see myself as the center of life, but I think it's also a little part of this age. That may be something I have yet to learn from my mother. One moment, my mother is my best friend when, for example, I have heartbreak. The other moment she is pointing a finger, someone who is still busting my hump. My mother feels what I need. Sometimes she thinks more about others than herself, I appreciate that.

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