BSc in Business Administration set to launch at Nyenrode Amsterdam

February 25 2020
About Nyenrode
Starting this summer, Nyenrode Business University’s newest degree program will also be offered in the heart of Amsterdam. This will give students enrolling in the BSc in Business Administration (BScBA) the choice between studying in the city or on campus in Breukelen. The advantage of Amsterdam? Students there have more flexibility when it comes to everything from choosing their accommodation to joining a student association.

Nyenrode Amsterdam is located in the historic “Vijf Keizers” building on the Keizersgracht. This small-scale and internationally oriented location fosters the connection between students and the business community. Students have access to the corporate network as well as an on-site incubator for startups. This link with real-world practice is precisely what Nyenrode believes is important, with examples ranging from lecturers who work in the professional field to the program’s Company Project. During this project, students choose to start their own business, take on a consultancy project or focus on social entrepreneurship.

Lars Dekker, an incoming first-year student in Amsterdam: “I enjoy expanding my world by spending time in the city. I also swim four to five times a week and give swimming lessons. Amsterdam offers me a lot of freedom in this regard. I’m looking forward to the link between theory and practice: not just hitting the books, but working on things like my soft skills as well.”

Personal leadership

The BScBA focuses on academic and personal development. In addition to taking business courses, students also learn to debate and gain in-depth knowledge of topics like trend watching and innovation. During the program they complete a Personal Development Journey which challenges them to push beyond their abilities and step outside their comfort zone, while at the same time developing their personal leadership skills. Sports are also an integral component of the curriculum and students take part in an exchange program abroad.

Bart Oldenboom, an incoming first-year student in Amsterdam: “Last year I was admitted to the BScBA in Breukelen, but in the end I decided to take a gap year. I heard about the Amsterdam location and that appealed to me more. I've recently moved to Alkmaar by myself and I would like to combine my studies with working at my father’s family business.”

Open Day in Amsterdam
The Open Day for the BScBA in Amsterdam will be held on Saturday, March 21. Find out whether the program is the right fit for you (or for your son/daughter), get a glimpse of the historic location, take part in a business game and talk to students and lecturers. More information or sign up directly? Click here. 

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