BSc in Business Administration will also be offered in Amsterdam starting in 2020

December 13 2019
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The BSc in Business Administration (BScBA) reached an important milestone last September when the first graduating students received their diplomas at the Coach House. Starting in the summer of 2020, Nyenrode’s newest degree program will also be offered at our location on the Keizersgracht in the heart of Amsterdam.

“We believe that offering a variant in Amsterdam will allow us to become more attractive for international students,” says Program Director Maren Smulders on the motive behind this new step. “For us as a university, it is important to devote significant efforts to this aim in the years ahead. After all, we only have limited room to grow in Breukelen.”

Development: an essential component

“From an academic standpoint, the programs in Breukelen and Amsterdam will be the same,” Maren explains. “Regardless of which location they choose, our students will receive the exact same diploma when they graduate. Our BSc students at both locations will be taught in small groups with a great deal of personal attention, and just like in Breukelen, development will be a key focus in Amsterdam as well. Sports will also be a mandatory part of the curriculum there, and students will complete a Personal Leadership Development Journey.”

A different experience

Despite the similarities, Maren makes no secret of the fact that the new BScBA experience in Amsterdam will be very different from the program in Breukelen. “The two variants are not entirely comparable, and that is not what we are aiming for either. Those who come to study in Breukelen will stay in rooms on campus and become members of the NCV student association.

The students in Amsterdam will not get the campus life experience, but they will get the experience of living and studying in a major city. These students will find their own accommodation in or near Amsterdam. While the BSc students in Amsterdam will not become members of the NCV, they will have the option to join the Amsterdam-based student association JCV, but this is not mandatory.”

Best of both worlds

“Last year during a case study in the sustainable organizational development course led by Professor Danielle Zandee, we asked the third-year students how they would approach the case if the BSc were to move to Amsterdam. That was a very productive discussion. They also asked the first- and second-year students for their input. A key point that the students expressed was the importance of integrating the two groups. Acknowledge the differences and combine the best of both worlds. For example, try to find moments when both groups can play sports together and do things together during the Personal Leadership Development Journey. And invite each other to parties.”

Maren also believes in the added value of good interaction between both locations. “In the second year, we have the company project. The idea is to start offering that course in Amsterdam for all BScBA students. This way they’ll be right around the corner from the business. Many students who choose the BScBA would like to work for a multinational or even become an entrepreneur. Students who want to start their own business can take full advantage of our Incubator in Amsterdam.”

To learn more about the BScBA program and both locations in Breukelen and Amsterdam, visit this page

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