Edgar Karssing receives donation for work in the field of compliance

January 7 2021

Associate professor Dr Edgar Karssing receives a donation from the Vereniging van Compliance Officers en Adviseurs in de Accountancy (Association of Compliance Officers and Consultants in Accounting) because of his contribution in the field of ethics, integrity and compliance and the significant role he has played.

After more than ten years, the Vereniging van Compliance Officers en Adviseurs in de Accountancy was recently dissolved. To the board of the association, ethics and integrity have always been very important pillars based on which compliance professionals perform their profession. The board has therefore decided to donate the association’s credit balance to Edgar Karssing for his work in these particular areas.

Incentive for innovative and relevant research

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Nyenrode is highly grateful to the (now dissolved) Vereniging van Compliance Officers en Adviseurs in de Accountancy for its donation and will put it together with Edgar Karssing to good and appropriate use.

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