Identifying morals, mindset, and manners in organizational leadership

June 12 2024

As part of the Organizational Leadership & Talent Management module in the Nyenrode MBA Program, designed and developed by Prof. Dr. Lidewey van der Sluis, our Full-time MBA students recently traveled to Copenhagen. The goal of this study trip was to gain firsthand insights into strategic thinking, talent management, and organizational development. The central theme of this year’s visit was to address the pivotal question of different kinds of organizations: how to lead an organization?

Through their interactions with three prominent companies –, Trustpilot, and Maersk – the MBA students explored the significance of Morals, Mindset and Manners in organizational leadership. The visits to these three organizations provided invaluable lessons on creating inclusive cultures, organizational leadership and fostering employee engagement. building a culture of belonging, a cutting-edge company specializing in AI-driven B2B sales and marketing solutions, welcomed the students with presentations from its board members. The discussions focused on several critical areas: 

  • Building a Culture of Belonging: creating an inclusive yet high-performing environment.
  • People-Centric Development: attracting and nurturing international talent to drive growth.
  • Future-Proof Design: crafting a company appealing to the next generation.
  • Enhancing Engagement: strategies for high employee engagement and satisfaction.
  • Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: integrating diversity to boost innovation and morale.

Through these discussions, the MBA students learned how's focus on creating a supportive and inclusive environment is integral to its success. The company’s commitment to diversity and the continuous development of its people stood out as key drivers of its innovative culture.

FTMBA visit

Trustpilot: staying true to its roots

Trustpilot, a renowned online review platform, provided the students with an in-depth look at its organizational DNA and operational philosophies. The discussions revolved around:

  • Our DNA: Maintaining foundational values from startup to global leader in online reviews.
  • How We Work: the operational compass and strategies for achieving goals amidst changes.
  • Selecting, Leading, and Developing Talent: methods for managing and developing employees.

Trustpilot’s commitment to its foundational values and its strategic approach to managing and developing talent provided the students with a clear example of how maintaining core principles can guide organizational growth.

FTMBA visit Trustpilot

Maersk: strategic leadership in a global context

At Maersk's headquarters, the students were welcomed by Ingrid Uppelschoten Snelderwaard, the Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer and Head of People at Maersk, and alumna of Nyenrode. The visit included an overview of Maersk’s operation and its approach to leadership and talent management from a global perspective.  After that, the MBA students participated in an exercise where they needed to put themselves into the shoes of a persona within Maersk. 

This exercise trains students in perspection, the contemporary skill to approach organizational situations from different perspectives. The context of the Maersk strategy was the common ground, and the students were asked to come up with ideas and solutions. During presentations they could share their suggestions and profile themselves as future responsible leaders. Through this immersive exercise, the students were able to experience the complexity of leading teams within a global organization and the contingency of leadership.

FTMBA visit Maersk

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