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Nyenrode Network Event

June 29 2018

Last 24 May, Nyenrode Amsterdam hosted its annual Network Event aimed at bringing Bachelor and MBA students even closer to the business community. The event included workshops on growth hacking, personal branding and networking opportunities.

The event started with a keynote speech from Prof. Jan Willem Velthuijsen, Chief Economist at PwC Europe, on the future of work. This included insights on the role of technology in business as well as how PwC sees the market develops. Bachelor and MBA students were encouraged to consider their role as future leaders facing these changes.

Beyond online marketing

Once of the breakout sessions offered throughout the day was about Growth Hacking. During this session, students became acquainted with this concept - new to many - which includes elements of online marketing, data analytics, experimentation and product development.

Through this session, Bachelor and MBA students could learn current insights which add value to their Nyenrode studies. Moreover, they became more aware of some of the skills needed to operate in a digital business environment.

Leadership and personal development

As it is customary at Nyenrode, the focus on leadership and personal development was present during the event. Students could choose between two sessions: 'Pitch like a pro' and 'Leadership under pressure'

The first session was hosted by representatives of Nyenrode's Career and Personal Development department. During the session students focused on their inner drives and motivations. They were coached on how to bring those across during interviews.

The session about Leadership under pressure was hosted by Nyenrode alumnus Eric Pasman and former member of the Dutch special forces. Using a case of KLM, students learned about the different steps to deal with decision-making in critical situations.

The afternoon concluded with networking drinks and snacks at Nyenrode's Biz Lounge on a sunny afternoon, the perfect setting to connect with business leaders. 

Nyenrode Amsterdam organizes regular events to connect students with the business community. Would you like to participate in one of our Afterworks Drinks or Breakfast Sessions? Please send an e-mail to

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