Nyenrode scores again above average on practical orientation

April 16 2020

The master's programs at Nyenrode Business University score above average when it comes to practical orientation. This is evident from the National Student Survey recently published by the Keuzegids. The Masters in Tax Law and Management are rated above average by students.

Accountancy & Controlling

The survey also shows that Students in the Netherlands are satisfied with the Accountancy and Controlling programs but are not very generous with compliments. An exception is the master Controlling of Nyenrode, where many above average scores are given, according to the assessment in the Keuzegids. In this program, there is appreciation for the assessment that fits in well with the teaching material and the attention for scientific training is also appreciated. Both masters of Nyenrode do well, in contrast to other universities, on the substantive curriculum, the contact with professional practice and the teaching of practical skills. These courses are distinguished in that they are both offered in Dutch, with the courses offered by competitors at other universities being mainly offered in English.

Ten years of "Best Master"

The Keuzegids has once again awarded the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BScBA) the Top Education rating and the accompanying quality seal. For the past ten years, Nyenrode's Business Administration has been labeled "Best Master". This year, for the first time, the Keuzegids will not issue quality stamps to the masters. The Keuzegids does assess two new themes: "internationalization" and "challenging education". Nyenrode's master's Master of Science in Management scores particularly well on these points.

Miša Džoljić, Rector Magnificus of Nyenrode, Business University is pleased with the scores of the various study programs: “We are pleased that our master's programs have also been rated so well this past year. This appreciation of students motivates us, even in these difficult times of the corona crisis, to keep the focus on practice and the link with the business community.”

The Keuzegids Masters 2019 is published by the Center for Higher Education Information (CHOI) and is published every year. In the guide, all masters of the Netherlands are valued based on quality assessments by students via the National Student Survey and partly of experts from the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO). All results of the Keuzegids can be read on www.keuzegids.nl.

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