Provincial grant for restoration vegetable garden complex

February 4 2019
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The Nyenrode Fund will receive € 110,181.10 from the grant scheme Erfgoedparels (Heritage Pearls) of the Province of Utrecht for the restoration of the garden wall and kitchen garden of the monumental Vegetable Garden complex at the estate. They are one of a kind and of major cultural-historical value. Its restoration will start in September 2019.

The Vegetable Garden complex has been landscaped under the direction of castle owner Michiel Onnes (1878-1972) around 1910. He restored Nijenrode castle and its estate to its original style in the early 20th century, after a few decades of decay. All in all, the estate counts 27 monuments.

Stichting Nyenrode Fonds - Moestuincomplex, nutstuin (2) - LQ

High cultural-historical value

In the Netherlands, only few garden walls and vegetable gardens have been preserved. The Nyenrode ones are still in use the way they have been landscaped. As such, they are one of a kind and of major cultural-historical value. The garden wall is still in use for growing trained fruit trees and the kitchen garden is still used for growing fruits and vegetables. The trained trees are pruned correctly by employees of the garden department, genuine horticultural craftsmanship.

The Nyenrode Fund has applied for a grant. Director Tanja Visser: “Nyenrode has invested tremendously in its heritage during the past few years. Great examples of this are the completed restoration of the Orangery and the monumental exit gate, as well as the current restauration of five monuments of the menagerie complex. The grant will make it possible for us to restore two marvels on the estate to their former glory. We thank the Province of Utrecht for its contribution to the preservation of the estate for future generations.”
The Nijenrode Estate counts 27 monuments, 16 of which are in good repair. With your contribution, the Nyenrode Fund can restore its monuments.

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